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Triathlon Coaching For Any Distance

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Jack Nunn is pleased to announce that he will be offering personalized coaching for Triathletes looking to get better times in each discipline, especially the bike.

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The Battle Of The Indoor Bike Trainer: Kinetic’s Rock And Roll vs. The Evo Indoor Fitness Bike

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Throughout the past few months I have put the Evo Indoor Fitness Bike to the test by racing and winning several triathlons around Southern California. 99% of my cycling training everyday for at least an hour is on the Evo Indoor Fitness Bike.

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How Many Calories Do You Burn In An Evo Indoor Cycling Class?

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Out of all the thousands of fitness classes I have taught over the past 10 years the most popular question that is asked is:
‘How many calories do you burn during a cycling class?’

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How Jack Nunn Trained With Roworx, The Evo Indoor Cycling Bike, And TriCore To Conquer Ironman Cozumel, Mexico 2012

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In November 2011, I made the decision to sign up for my 3rd Full Ironman in Cozumel, Mexico on November, 25th 2012. For those who have never heard of the Ironman, it is a long-distance triathlon which includes a 2.

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Longevity in Sports Competition and Training

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By John Nunn
A primary key to longevity in sports is staying as active as possible throughout your life. If kids start sports at a young age, they become accustomed to regular practices and competition.

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Cycle, Row, And Ski Your Way Through Ironman Competition Training

Roworx tri

On November 25th 2012 I will be participating in his 3rd Full Distance Ironman in Cozumel, Mexico.

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How To Setup And Layout Your EVO Indoor Cycling Studio

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Start Your Own Evo Indoor Cycling Studio 
Have you thought about opening your own Indoor Cycling Studio? The Relay Fitness Group and Jack Nunn can help.

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How To Warm Up And Cool Down With Your Indoor Cycling Classs

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Cycling instructors must know that throughout any workout there must be a warm up and cool down phase of every indoor cycling class.

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How To Retain Indoor Cycling Clients

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Many fitness club owners think that simply getting new members is the most important aspect when it comes to marketing.

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Proper Indoor And Outdoor Cycling Technique And Form On The Bike

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Over the past 10 years while teaching over 5,000 hours of indoor cycling classes throughout various fitness facilities across the U.S.

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