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Triathlon Coaching For Any Distance

Evo steelmanJack Nunn is pleased to announce that he will be offering personalized coaching for Triathletes looking to get better times in each discipline, especially the bike. Jack is the ‘unconventional’ triathlete standing 6ft 3inches tall and weighing in at 220 pounds. Jack has competed in 3 International Full Ironman competitions in 2008, 2009, and 2012 in Nice, France, Florianopolis, Brazil and Cozumel, Mexico. This year in 2013 he also competed in Ironman Texas but could not finish due to a food poisoning incident the night before and day of the race. Jack posted his best time in Cozumel, Mexico in high winds and heat with a time of 11hrs and 20min.

Jack began racing shorter sprint triathlons earlier this year in 2013 while posting very fast bike times and winning almost every age group throughout the past 5 sprint triathlons entered.

Jack will also implement various nutrition coaching throughout each session in order to maximize your fitness for the best speed throughout each event. Proper nutrition is the most underrated part of any distance triathlon that you encounter. Triathlons need to be respected and nutrition can make or break you in any triathlon event.

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The Battle Of The Indoor Bike Trainer: Kinetic’s Rock And Roll vs. The Evo Indoor Fitness Bike

evo chainThroughout the past few months I have put the Evo Indoor Fitness Bike to the test by racing and winning several triathlons around Southern California. 99% of my cycling training everyday for at least an hour is on the Evo Indoor Fitness Bike. I am not your typical triathlete standing at 6’3 and weighing in around 215 lbs on a good day. The muscle endurance and core training workouts that I get from the Evo bike translate to some serious speed on my triathlon bike times during races.

This is all very unconventional and not the ‘typical’ way to train for cycling power and endurance, however I love it because it’s safe and effective. Anyone can ride the Evo as it requires no riding experience and it safe and easy to use. Just like any indoor cycling bike there is a resistance knob in the front and comfortable handlebar and seat adjustments to meet all your needs.

The Evo Fitness Bike is a new type of indoor cycle that mimics the natural pedaling motion of outdoor bikes and requires balance, core strength, and upper body muscular endurance. It accomplishes this through a unique frame that sways like a real bike, allowing users to put more power into each pedal stroke by counterbalancing their weight. Unlike typical indoor cycles that have fixed frames, the Evo Fitness Bike’s movement feels natural, allowing athletes to seamlessly transition from indoor to outdoor training without awkward balance issues. Jack Nunn used the Evo Fitness Bike and a new training program called TriCore to prepare for his third Ironman. TriCore combines the unique sway functionality of the indoor cycle with high intensity interval training to obtain the conditioning, strength, and balance necessary to compete in the Ironman. Lately, there has been some debate as to whether the Evo and the TriCore indoor cycling program can be as competitive and effective as a real-time indoor cycling trainer. The answer is absolutely… YES! And it can offer you even more…

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How Jack Nunn Trained With Roworx, The Evo Indoor Cycling Bike, And TriCore To Conquer Ironman Cozumel, Mexico 2012

In November 2011, I made the decision to sign up for my 3rd Full Ironman in Cozumel, Mexico on November, 25th 2012. For those who have never heard of the Ironman, it is a long-distance triathlon which includes a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride, and a full marathon consisting of 26.2 miles of running, one section after the other without rest. This extreme endurance event has been held around the world since 1978. I knew that training for Cozumel, Mexico was going to be a really tough journey for the next year or so while managing 2 Roworx Facilities, training 20 hours a week on average, and doing all the work behind the scenes in order for my fitness center to flourish. Throughout the past year it has been a massive journey indeed. I wanted to let everyone know that I wanted to dedicate this Ironman to all of my Roworx Indoor Rowing Members, Family, and my Friends at the Relay Fitness  Group (Evo Bike Company) who helped me train with them and for them. I also wanted to thank you all for your support and love of fitness throughout the past couple years. It brings happiness and peace to me knowing that everyone is having a great time here at Roworx in Long beach and all the classes that we have to offer. I always strive for the best in each and every workout we do at the Boathouse and Warehouse. Despite the fact that we are consolidating all of the Roworx Classes to the Boathouse location I want you all to know that I have the fight in me to keep going and keep working as hard as I possibly can in order for you all to achieve your personal fitness goals sooner!

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Longevity in Sports Competition and Training

By John Nunn

A primary key to longevity in sports is staying as active as possible throughout your life. If kids start sports at a young age, they become accustomed to regular practices and competition. This becomes a physically active routine that can carry on to adult life. The longer an individual is involved in competitive athletics the easier it is to keep going after high school and college. There are many sports options. Pick ones that are fun and participate regularly. When I was in grade school I played baseball, football, skiing and hockey. In high school I played football, basketball and cricket. In college I was introduced to rowing which became my primary sport. But I still found time to play intramural hockey and football. After graduating from college I trained for the Olympics in rowing. I made the team in 1968 in Mexico City. I won the bronze medal in double sculls. After the Olympics I kept active with rowing, bike riding, skiing and a lot of running. At the time I ended my Olympic rowing career there was no such thing as Master’s rowing. I immersed myself in distance running and entered multiple 10K, half marathon and marathon events. My training consisted of 50 to 60 running miles per week. Since my weight fluctuated from 220 to 240, I was putting a lot of stress on my joints. Real marathon runners typically weigh 120 to 140 pounds. Over time I was accumulating running injuries. In addition I had some spectacular skiing and biking crashes, which combined to limit what I was capable of doing.

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Cycle, Row, And Ski Your Way Through Ironman Competition Training

On November 25th 2012 I will be participating in his 3rd Full Distance Ironman in Cozumel, Mexico. After a brief rest from completing two international Ironman competitions in 2008 Nice, France and 2009 Florianopolis, Brazil I wanted something to train for again in order to keep driving myself into competition.

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How To Setup And Layout Your EVO Indoor Cycling Studio

Start Your Own Evo Indoor Cycling Studio 

Have you thought about opening your own Indoor Cycling Studio? The Relay Fitness Group and Jack Nunn can help. Even if you already own a cycling, yoga, and or fitness studio we have the resources to better streamline your business while reducing costs and building class sizes at the same time! Relay Fitness has proven solutions and a quality brand with the Evo Indoor Cycling Bike that will simply improve your profit without all the maintenance of traditional indoor bikes. If you’ve instructed a cycling class for any amount of time, you’ve probably run into a situation where one of your indoor cycles was out of commission due to a faulty component. If your class is full, that missing bike means one less person enjoying your killer indoor cycling session!

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How To Warm Up And Cool Down With Your Indoor Cycling Classs

Cycling instructors must know that throughout any workout there must be a warm up and cool down phase of every indoor cycling class. Novice cyclists who are new to the indoor cycling program are notorious for not warming up before rides or cooling down and stretching afterwards. It’s easy to jump on a bike in class and start off class with intense riding however when you limit or rush your warm up it can cause injuries, sore leg muscles, and make you feel short of breath throughout the ride. Warming up and cooling down will improve your performance on the bike and reduce the risk of injury.

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How To Retain Indoor Cycling Clients

Many fitness club owners think that simply getting new members is the most important aspect when it comes to marketing. However did you know that you can nearly double your income per member simply focusing on retaining the members you already have and encouraging them to invest in effective nutritional products or services that you sell?

Retaining your existing members instead of trying to obtain new members is very important when it comes to being a successful cycling program. I personally use a ‘Fitness & Nutrition’ approach when it comes to accomplishing a clients personal health goals. Protein powders and whole food based concentrated food supplements added alongside a fitness routine can get your members to see their overall fitness and health goals come true sooner! Exceptional customer service involves more than just employing a friendly staff. You must consistently meet and exceed your clients’ needs. Survey your members periodically to make sure you are succeeding, and then develop a customer satisfaction package based on their feedback. Contact me here on more advice on hoe to address individual fitness needs and goals in order to provide an initial fitness assessment and extensive orientation to each of your members. The orientation shouldn’t be just a walk around the gym and locker room, but rather a comprehensive equipment and technique demonstration. This will prevent injuries and encourage members to use unfamiliar equipment.

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Proper Indoor And Outdoor Cycling Technique And Form On The Bike

Over the past 10 years while teaching over 5,000 hours of indoor cycling classes throughout various fitness facilities across the U.S. I have found that in order to get the best workout on a bike you must have the right technique whether you are cycling indoors and or outdoors. Cross-training on the indoor bike has had added many positive effects to my training for two international Ironman’s in Nice, France and Florianopolis, Brazil over the past couple of years. I owe it to cycling for getting my body into the best shape of my life and improving muscle endurance throughout my legs and core. My father, John Nunn also used cycling as a perfect way to crosstrain for the Olympics in 1968 while winning a bronze medal in rowing. John also discusses the importance that indoor cycling bikes that offer the perfect cross training exercises with all the training benefits of road cycling and without the risks of crash injuries. The indoor cycling ‘boom’ hit in the late 1980’s and early 90’s with the emergeance of the ‘spin class.’ Since then almost every single fitness machine manufacturer has developed am indoor bicycle. Indoor and outdoor cycling have become so popular because nearly everyone knows how to ride a bike and the leg drive on a bicycle is a relatively simple process. You may either pedal with greater force, more pedal velocity along with resistance in gears or brake, or both to achieve greater speed and power. In order to accomplish this you must first transfer your body’s energy to the pedals. How much of this energy you transfer is determined by your efficiency and technique during the pedal stroke. There are many ways to increase power and efficiency. It is possible to be a fit and powerful athlete, but not necessarily a fast one if you are inefficient.

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