Great Anti-Inflammatory Foods To Try

anti inflamThe Atkins Diet claimed to help individuals drop weight quickly by inordinate reduction of carbohydrates. The South Beach diet claimed to help shed 10 pounds in just one week by diet and intense exercise. While the Zone Diet looked to control an individuals insulin levels by limiting carbohydrates and balancing fats and proteins. Each diet fad made headlines, but medical experts agree: these quick-fix strategies rarely help for long-term weight control and health. While weight loss may be ideal for some individuals, other folks may want to improve their diet as well as lose weight over time. If reducing the risk of disease and increasing your overall health, an anti-inflammatory diet may seem like the best fit. Fruits and Vegetables and Anti-inflammatory diets contain the same proponents of most diets, except with a new tanti inflam 1wist. Compared to other diets, an anti-inflammatory focuses on adding foods that help reduce inflammation that can cause health risks. One of the main staples of this diet is fruits and veggies. As with most diets, fruits and veggies contain low sugar and trans fat levels and contain the vital proteins and fibers necessary to replenish and revitalize the body. Aim for high fiber fruits and vegetables, apples, papaya, broccoli, tomatoes, and kale. Fruits and veggies will keep you full, but also put a stop to high blood pressure, curb onset diabetes, and lower your risk of heart disease. Add some spice to your life: ginger, chili and even curry adds some spice and flavor to your foods; more importantly, spices also help reduce inflammation. Take some ginger, chili and even curry and add them to your dietary staples, i.e., chicken, meats and even pork products. If you feel daring, try adding these spices to non-meat products, including pastas, salads and even fruits. If you loathe the taste of hot spices, you can also try more tepid flavors to tone down the spicy factor, including mild sauces, peppers jp 8and even mild curry. Look for recipes to help incorporate mild and hot spices into your meals or visit an accredited college database online to learn new tricks. Fish, salmon and even sardines contain omega-3 nutrients that help curb inflammation. Nutrients aside, seafood also comes loaded with protein and is easy on the carbohydrates. With so much variety to select from, seafood makes for the perfect anti-inflammatory food to consume. Add in some veggies and some spices to the pot and you have yourself a triple threat of anti-inflammatory foods. Herbalists continue to rave about teas natural ability to grant essential nutrients and supplements to help the body recover and reduce inflammation. Green, white, and Oolong tea may be the best choices for fighting inflammation. When mixed together with anti-oxidants and nutrients this makes tea the perfect compliment to any meal. Whether you drink tea hot or cold, look to add it to your meals at least 4-5 times per week.

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