School News Roll Call And LBJC: Logan Carter Displays Hard Work And Determination

Published In The Oct-Nov 2013 Issue Of The Long Beach School News Roll Call And Written By Jack Nunn, Owner Of Roworx Indoor Rowing Classes, Boot Camp, And Yoga At The Long Beach Rowing Association.

Coming into the sport of rowing, Logan Carter had no idea what to expect. Many great rowers have some illustrious family history within the sport. In Logan’s case, all he knew was that rowinschool news logang meant water. But once he started rowing, he dove right into the whole experience head first. Under the guidance of his coaches, Val Stepanchuk, Nick Trojan, Thomas Graves, Logan improved his training regimen, including correct weight-lifting technique, beneficial erg workouts, and cross-training exercises with Jack Nunn from Roworx Indoor Rowing And Fitness. Through countless hours at the boathouse, he earned a spot in the Men’s Varsity Quad with the Long Beach Junior Crew and an opportunity to compete at US Rowing Youth National Championships. While representing the Long Beach Junior Crew, Logan placed fourth in the grand final by fractions of a second, bringing out his competitive spirit. Unfortunately, on long the road to nationals, Logan injured himself and struggled with the pain of a protruding disc in his lower lumbar and the disappointment of being unable to row for the summer. After he was cleared by his doctor to begin training again, he returned to the boathouse to find a new addition to his training regimen, two bulky LBJCspin bikes that provided a safer alternative to the erg workouts that had caused his injury. The bikes allowed him to continue rowing, and the new training regimen paid off. The following season went gloriously. Logan shattered Marin Rowing Association’s two-year winning streak, and it was the first time that The Long Beach Junior Crew had qualified a heavyweight 8 for nationals in the history of the Junior Program. A fourth-place finish in the grand final furthered Logan’s desire to medal at nationals, and the chances for that achievement to be realized this season are high. Nick realizes that his coaches have contributed a great deal to his continued success. Logan’s varsity coach, Nick D’Antoni, taught Logan so many invaluable things, about life and the sport of rowing. Thanks to Nick’s inspirational leadership, Logan had the opportunity to go to United States National Team High Performance Camp and was selected for youth nationals twice. During Logan’s final year as a junior rower, he had the pleasure of training under the wing of Coach Tom Graves. Tom has a reputation within the sport that is gw rowsecond-to-none, and absorbing his wisdom helped Logan further himself as an athlete. Nick’s rowing abilities earned him the attention of some high-caliber universities, including Harvard University, Cornell University, Yale University, the Naval Academy, and George Washington University, where he has chosen to attend school. Rowing truly changed Logan for the better; the sport surrounds rowers in a culture that oozes experience, knowledge, and morality. It opens doors, provides an identity, and raises a young person to learn the values of hard work and determination.


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