How To Retain Indoor Cycling Clients

Many fitness club owners think that simply getting new members is the most important aspect when it comes to marketing. However did you know that you can nearly double your income per member simply focusing on retaining the members you already have and encouraging them to invest in effective nutritional products or services that you sell?

Retaining your existing members instead of trying to obtain new members is very important when it comes to being a successful cycling program. I personally use a ‘Fitness & Nutrition’ approach when it comes to accomplishing a clients personal health goals. Protein powders and whole food based concentrated food supplements added alongside a fitness routine can get your members to see their overall fitness and health goals come true sooner! Exceptional customer service involves more than just employing a friendly staff. You must consistently meet and exceed your clients’ needs. Survey your members periodically to make sure you are succeeding, and then develop a customer satisfaction package based on their feedback. Contact me here on more advice on hoe to address individual fitness needs and goals in order to provide an initial fitness assessment and extensive orientation to each of your members. The orientation shouldn’t be just a walk around the gym and locker room, but rather a comprehensive equipment and technique demonstration. This will prevent injuries and encourage members to use unfamiliar equipment.

Here are my top 5 topics that you can use to retain more members right now in your own cycling classes:

1. Be Energetic And Always Have A Positive Attitude While Teaching Class.

Everyday you teach a class make sure you walk into the room holding your head up high and having the best possible attitude before you start class. Get your class motivated by taking command with your microphone and giving them a brief description of the workout. I always like to tell the class to be ready for an amazing high calorie burn non-stop workout. Over the past 10 years while teaching group fitness classes I once came into class with low energy and a poor attitude. I told the class that I was tired and they responded immediately that they were tired as well. Learn from my mistakes and hold a high standard for the way your staff treats your members and it will do wonders for your cycling members. Stay positive, motivated, and energetic all the way through class till the last member leaves the room.

2. Practice What You Preach.

Hire instructors that are extremely qualified  in cycling and professional. For instance, at Roworx I tend to hire instructors with a very impressive athletic and training background. Fitness certifications are also very important however there are some instructors that are not in the best shape to teach a full hour class. I’ve seen some instructors barely able to cycle and finish their own classes throughout the hour. Remember that your members typically take classes from an instructor that looks very fit because that is how they want to look as well. Offer something that your competitors don’t, your members will be more likely to stick with you. If you were given the choice between 2 instructors, but one instructor was more fit, lean, and toned than the other you would probably pick the fittest instructor first.

3. Play Great Music.

You should constantly be thinking of new music play lists and new exciting ways to move and get your members interested in cycling class. Music is one of the most important aspects of an indoor cycling class. The beats should be energetic and heart-pumping so that the 1 hour class flies by very fast! I use this music to get everyone pumped up throughout all of my classes. The Bpm and Electric Area radio stations on Sirius XM radio are a great way to get ideas for music to play in class. Also there is a station called radio metro in Australia that plays consistent dance music over the internet 24 hours a day! These are some of my secrets on how to get the best possible music to the forefront of your class.

4. Logging Miles.

Encourage your cycling members to log and record the miles that you ride during class. Some bikes also record power and watts as a measurement of effort that you are pushing into the crank as you pedal. Tell your members to try and hold an average of watts equivalent to their body weight for the entire class. The more information that members have in front of them the better the cycling class will be. Think of a few distance or weight loss challenges that your members will enjoy after sticking with you for a certain number of months. It wont take long for your classes to become very popular and people will stick with you just to get to their fitness goals sooner by burning more calories!

5. Be An Established And Professional Cycling Facility.

If for some reason you do lose a member (for whatever reason), send them a series of postcards or email about a week or so apart asking them to come back. Give them an incentive for coming back and that you would be willing to offer them a special offer. Retaining your members and encouraging the importance of fitness and nutrition can be incredibly profitable and a much more efficient business model than simply trying to continually find new members. Executing these 5 steps can enhance your indoor cycling business and being patient with hard work and persistence can result in some revenue over the next 12 months. Ride Hard And Have Fun!


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Jack Nunn

Jack Nunn is the head trainer and owner of Roworx. Jack is a former national team rower who has competed in more than 100 triathlons, including 9 full Ironmans. He has created a system of rowing that prepares the whole body for both competition and fitness longevity.

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