Top 5 Things To Coach A Rowing Team While On The Water Or On Land

I have been in touch with a few rowing coaches over the years and I want to touch on the top 5 ideas I’ve learned while rowing in order to get the most speed out of an individual on the Concept 2 Rowing Machine and or team boat. Let’s start with on the water rowing and the top 5 things to focus on while gaining more speed in a boat.

Video Games and Health: Removing the Social Stigma of Intellectual Laziness

videoHealth and fitness enthusiasts often express concern about the increasing number of people who spend more time playing video games rather than doing squats and bench presses in the gym. This is a valid concern, but many fail to realize that health and fitness is not only physical. It should also include cognitive health and psychological health, which is usually overlooked. It should be remembered that health and fitness must be holistic. The problem with today is that people tend to stereotype – those who spend more time in the gym are the healthy ones while those who spend the same amount of time playing video games are the “unhealthy” ones.

Shocking as it may seem, the latest research conducted by the American Psychological Association (APA) about the effect of video games on health and learning, says otherwise.  The research entitled, “The Benefits of Playing Video Games” by Dr. Isabela Granic states that those who play video games manifest an increase in their spatial navigation skills as well as their perception and memory skills. Additionally, social interaction by joining online communities increases self-esteem and confidence.

Conversely, the not-so-good effects of video gaming must be taken into consideration. Alchemy Bet Ltd., the company behind took the time to emphasize responsible gaming.  It should serve as something that will take your mind off your problems rather than the source of the problem. Playing video games can improve your cognitive functions and help you gain online friends, but remember that too much of it may make you forget that there is a “real” world out there. The same thing goes when doing partaking in training exercises, you must not overdo it or else you will get unnecessary sprains and muscle strains. This is heavily discussed in the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) exercise recommendations. As the common advice goes, “everything in moderation and you will never go wrong.”