Workout Recovery

Competing in the 2011 Henley Royal Regatta In England this summer was a excellent adventure for me. I waited over 10 years to once again compete in the 2nd highest level of competition and go up against the reigning Henley Champions of 2010 in the 1st round, Harvard University Varsity Crew.

Our first Wellness Presentation of 2011; A Fresh Look at Your New Years Decisions & Commitments

On Tuesday, January 11, 2011, Jack Nunn Welcomes Everyone to the Roworx Rowing Warehouse for the first Wellness Presentation of 2011 “A Fresh Look at Your New Years Decisions & Commitments”

Get the hype and trendy myths out of the way!!!! Then come and see the truth about how much control we have over our longevity and wellbeing. Are you planning on doing the same things, but expecting different results? Make the necessary changes and base your decisions on the facts.

Nutrition Series: Until you are eating right, you have no business exercising


Dr. Mitra Ray, PhD,

Dr. Mitra Ray, PhD, Stanford University, Bio-Chemist: talks about Exercise Induced Oxidative Stress, Exercise and Diet.

Typically, when a person decides that they are ready to take their health seriously, one of the first things they’re taught is to begin to exercise. There’s all sorts of logic to this, as the benefits of exercise are dramatic, however it’s actually NOT the first thing a person should do when they set out to get healthy. For many people (including myself) adding exercise to their lives is easier than dramatically changing the way they eat. And we have been taught that if you exercise enough, you can eat just about anything to stay healthy.  If you exercise enough, you may be able to keep the scale weight stable, but again that’s NOT necessarily ‘healthy.’ In fact you may become unhealthier in certain ways if you exercise vigorously but don’t eat the right food.