Overview Of The March 2012 Roworx Nutrition Seminar

At The Roworx Studio/ Warehouse Located In Long Beach At 1347 Loma Ave, We Hold A Monthly FREE Nutrition Health & Welness Seminar! An Hour Of Power Every Month For Anyone Who Wants To Come Together And Learn Which Foods Are Causing Inflammation (the silent killer) And Which Foods Are Anti-Inflammatory. In These One Hour, Per Month Seminars You Gain More Knowlege And Experience About The Science Of Food And How It Can Make A Difference In Your Beauty, Vitality, And Overall Wellness. Every Time You Come To These Seminars We Try To Convey Cutting Edge Knowlege About Food As Am ‘Easy To Make’ Green Recipe. We Make FREE Nutrition Shakes With The ‘Green’ Smoothie Of The Month And Most Of All An Empowered Feeling Of High Energy, Motivation, And Knowlege To Take On A Better Lifestyle!

*Reminder!!! Right After Every Monday, Wednesday, And Friday Indoor Rowing Class At The 9:30AM Studio/ Warehouse Roworx Management Serves Up FREE Nutritional Shakes!



FORKS OVER KNIVES MOVIE: A tale of two doctors, many cows and a multitude of human ailments, Lee Fulkerson’s “Forks Over Knives” makes a pedantic yet persuasive case for banishing meat and dairy from the dinner table. They make the argument that most of our major health issues — including heart disease, cancer and diabetes can be prevented (and even in some cases reversed) by following a vegetables-and-whole-grains diet, this dense documentary would rather inform than entertain. Its hale heroes are the nutritional scientist T. Colin Campbell and the surgeon Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn Jr., (An Olympic Gold Medalist For The U.S. Rowing Team In 1956) whose combined decades of research into the harmful effects of animal proteins are summarized, along with a potted history of our worldwide dietary decline.

*Roworx Will Have Several Copies Of The Movie: Forks Over Knives For Use For Our Members To Watch At The Studio/ Warehouse Facility!

The New And Exciting Tower Garden By Juice Plus Was Also Introduced At The Seminar And Will Show How You Can Grow Your Own Fruits, Vegetables, Berries, And Much More Inside Or Outside Your Own Home. It Will Be As If You Have Your Own Farmers Market In Your Backyard!!!

Ask Me How To Get Your Tower Garden Now Before It Goes On The Market To The Public. Get Greener, Save Money, And Conserve Resources By Using This Tower Garden! 🙂

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Jack Nunn

Jack Nunn is the head trainer and owner of Roworx. Jack is a former national team rower who has competed in more than 100 triathlons, including 9 full Ironmans. He has created a system of rowing that prepares the whole body for both competition and fitness longevity.

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