Roworx November Newsletter 2010

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How you will continue to lose weight this holiday season!

Growl, the holidays are here and we all know what that means! Parties, alcohol, food, sweets, treats and everything that makes us merry!

This year I encourage members seeking weight loss to keep their goal in mind. We will not eliminate the joyful items above we will simply remember that to much of any of them will deter us from our goal!

In this newsletter you will find some great new additions to Roworx like Personal Training, you will find some great weight loss tips for the season and some awesome NEW email options!

Click here to sign up for the Holiday Concept 2 Challenge November 25th!

Our goal is 50+ members for this challenge!

Regarding the Fall Challenge

Thank you for taking part in the recent Concept2 Fall Team Challenge! Our team had 23 members that rowed 2,410,244 meters. As our team had participants who qualified for prizes, I am emailing to let you know that Concept 2 will be sending out Fall Team Challenge prizes in the next 1-2 weeks. Those who reached at least 200,000 meters will receive a pair of Concept2 Socks and those who reached at least 100,000 meters will receive a Concept2 Towel.

Although Roworx did not win the erg, Several of us won individual prizes! Concept 2 will send to me and I will have Carol bring them to the warehouse/boathouse.

200,000+ meters – Concept2 socks: Jack Nunn, Carol Nowacki, Hunter Johnson

100,000+ meters – Concept2 towel: Ray Coombs, Charles Flieger, Paul Nowacki, Jennie Stewart, Tom O’Keefe, Keith Lewis, Joe Greeley.

Remember for a team to be eligible for the free erg, there must be at least 10 members row 100,000 meters or more.

Team Captain: Paul Nowacki

Tips, Recipes and More on Losing Weight During the Holiday Season

The holiday season should be treated like any other time of year. Just because it is Thanksgiving doesn’t mean food is calorie free! Use discretion when eating those calorie packed items, try tasting and not indulging in the foods that pack to much sugar, fat or calories. Focus your food cravings on yummy veggie appetizers, lean protein meals and fruit filled desserts…

Click here to receive weekly dinner plans and fun daily toning exercises! Please confirm what emails you would like to receive.

All month long we will be hosting a food drive to benefit Meals on Wheels of Long Beach. Please take the opportunity to donate non perishable canned foods, you can drop off your donations to Jack during his classes at the Boathouse or any time during classes at the Warehouse location. The food drive ends on November 22nd.

Personal Training

Jack Nunn

Train to optimize your efforts and your progress, reach your goals faster…

Call Jack for more information!
Don’t forget to check out the Roworx Blog to learn more about weight loss, rowing, inspirational stories and much more! Click here

Click here for more on our next health seminar November 4th! The Seminar will focus on Women’s Health

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