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Rowing Workouts That Can Enhance Kettlebell Sport Results

Did you know that your kettlebell workouts can be enhanced with rowing? These are the best rowing workouts to help with the seven most common kettlebell exercises.

The deadlift, the clean, the snatch, the swing, the goblet squat, the turkish getup, and the press are the most fundamental kettlebell exercises that offer many total body strength and conditioning benefits. If you happen to be searching for that full body workout that will give you great cardio as well, then rowing is as good as it gets.

Rowing uses nearly 90% of all the muscles in the body as your legs, back, core, shoulders, and back get all great attention when you use a rowing machine on a regular basis.

The following three indoor rowing workouts can help you master these seven kettlebell exercises and have an incredible level of fitness and performance with the simplicity and power of kettlebells.

Workout #1

Set the damper (gear) setting to 1 on the Concept 2 flywheel will help you with more efficient connection and timing to help with your kettlebell workouts.

The damper setting or gear as many might call it creates resistance but only if you create that resistance with proper connection at the catch or front of each stroke. Setting the damper to the lowest setting at 1 will help you and almost force you to get a better connection at the front of each stroke which will help you get better timing with a kettlebell deadlift, clean, and snatch.

The Concept 2 machine is perfectly designed to help you get that front end timing down by not only using a light gear setting at 1 but also to use the ‘Power curve/force curve’ setting on the monitor. The smoother the curve at the front end the better the timing you have in order to get a better connection with the feet, seat, and hands.

Timing and technique are everything with rowing and kettlebell lifting. If one body part moves before the other you will have a disconnected stroke and will essentially miss the efficient timing of the lift or the stroke.

Try rowing 10 strokes hard and hitting that perfect timed catch at the front of the rowing machine and then row for 10 strokes easy while maintaining a slow motion perfect rowing and or kettlebell lift.

Use the power curve/force curve setting on the monitor to track your progress on that completely smooth mountain curve. If you see any glitches or heartbeats in the curve you have a disconnected stroke and you must work on smoothing it out. Setting the damper to 1 really gets you to understand how to get connected to your actual body weight without adding any load or gear. It would be the same feeling as to push a leg press without any weight or adding a lot of weight.

Workout #2

Set the damper (gear) setting to 5 on the Concept 2 flywheel will help you build more endurance and cardio to help you last longer with your kettlebell workouts. Setting the damper to the middle setting at 5 will help you create more endurance throughout each rowing stroke and add a bit of resistance to train better in relation to the kettlebell swing and goblet squat.

For these exercises try rowing for 2 min full power with 2 minute rest x 10-15 intervals to gain more power and endurance. Set the monitor to the watts measurement on the monitor as you try to average twice your bodyweight in watts for each 2 minute interval. Make it a challenge and see if you can go further with each interval while rowing at a stroke rate of 28-32.

This workout will increase your endurance and speed on the rowing machine ultimately making you last longer while doing multiple kettlebell workouts.

Workout #3

Set the damper (gear) setting to 10 on the Concept 2 flywheel will help you build more strength to help you power through your kettlebell workouts.

Setting the damper to the highest setting at 10 will help you create more strength and power throughout each rowing stroke and add a tremendous amount of resistance to train your entire body to take the intensity of the turkish getup and the kettlebell press. For these exercises try rowing for :45 seconds full power with a 1:20 rest x 10 intervals at around a 32 stroke rate.

These workouts are incredible demanding on the legs, body, and lungs but if you want the challenge of overcoming pain and hitting that lactic acid threshold then this is your workout. Make sure to support your back and arms with your legs as this workout can be extremely heavy and hard.

If you are up to the challenge and want to feel that incredible burn of an aerobic workout then this high intensity heart pumping workout is just for you!

All of these rowing workouts are beneficial and can help in a variety of ways while you crosstrain with rowing to become more efficient and stronger while using kettlebell weights in your daily routine. Make sure to take the time to learn the proper rowing technique just as you would when lifting heavy weights.

If you take the time and be patient with rowing technical skills your watts will increase dramatically and you will last longer during workout sets all while refraining from injury.

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