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A Family Rowing Tradition

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‘Like Father, Like Son’ In South Bay Magazine Health Issue
A former Olympic medalist and coach inspires his only son to pick up the oar and continue a fitness tradition
Written by Stefan Slater | Photographed by Jeff Berting
Jack Nunn’s

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Row-athon At Roworx To Help Support Angela Madsen Row Solo Across The Pacific Ocean To Hawaii


ROWORX INDOOR ROWING IN LONG BEACH Will Be Holding A Fundraiser For Angela Madsen At The Boathouse As We Row A Half Marathon Distance On The Concept 2 Indoor Rowing Machine In Order To Show Our Support For Her Solo Row Across The Pacific On Sunday Ju

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Triathlon Coaching For Any Distance

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Jack Nunn is pleased to announce that he will be offering personalized coaching for Triathletes looking to get better times in each discipline, especially the bike.

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Jack Nunn Leads Cycling Classes With The Evo Fitness Bike At IHRSA 2012

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Evo Fitness Bike at IHRSA 2012
 On February 23, 2012 (Costa Mesa, CA) – IHRSA, the International Health, Racquet & Sports Club Association, was holding an expo and trade show in Downtown Los Angeles on March 14-17, 2012.

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Superfoods Are The Answer To Nutrition Recovery: Kitchen Rx

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Kitchen Rx
Foods that help you heal from injuries. By Liz Applegate Ph.D. Image by Ann E. Cutting From the December 2011 issue of Runner’s World

Most athletes get injured at least once in their running careers.

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Do Children Have Healthy School Lunches?

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I remember when I was in the 4th grade in the 80’s when Ronald Regan wanted to make french fries and tomato sauce (and/or ketchup) part of the vegetable food group.

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2011 Roworx Holiday Newsletter

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 The Holidays Are Here!!!   
Dear Roworx Members & Guests,
 The holidays are here and we hope that your fitness goals are being met.

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Are Vitamins Causing More Harm Than Good?


Throughout most of my life I have been introduced and have taken many different kinds of vitamins and supplements. My father would always take them and I followed his every move and then some.

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From Fit To Fierce

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What do Cameron Diaz, Mathew Macconahey, Madonna, and Ryan Reynolds all have in common? Yes, they are all celebrities and went from ‘fit to fierce’ in a matter of weeks.

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Break Bad Eating Habits

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// ]]>I came across a great article in the Press Telegram the other day about nutrition and how to better understand and take control of your eating habits. LeeAnn Weintraub, M.P.H., R.

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