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A Family Rowing Tradition

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‘Like Father, Like Son’ In South Bay Magazine Health Issue
A former Olympic medalist and coach inspires his only son to pick up the oar and continue a fitness tradition
Written by Stefan Slater | Photographed by Jeff Berting
Jack Nunn’s

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How Jack Nunn Trained With Roworx, The Evo Indoor Cycling Bike, And TriCore To Conquer Ironman Cozumel, Mexico 2012

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In November 2011, I made the decision to sign up for my 3rd Full Ironman in Cozumel, Mexico on November, 25th 2012. For those who have never heard of the Ironman, it is a long-distance triathlon which includes a 2.

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My Father John Nunn; A Former Olympic Coach And Bronze Medalist Rower Discusses Using Cycling As The Perfect Cross-Training Exercise

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Jack created Roworx in Long Beach after winning numerous medals in various events on the international rowing stage. Jack started rowing in 1996 for Long Beach Juniors and made the 1997 Junior National Team Selection Camp.

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The Amazing Benefits Of Training For A Full Ironman On The Indoor Rowing Machine And Indoor Cycling Bike

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Ever since Jack Nunn could remember he wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps as an Olympian. Jack Nunn’s father, John Nunn won a bronze medal in rowing at the 1968 Olympic Games held in Mexico City.

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Jack Nunn’s Journey In Ironman Florianopolis, Brazil 2009

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 In 2009 on the way to Florianopolis, Brazil my flight was cancelled because of a broken winshield on the runway at LAX 3 days before my Ironman race was set to go.  I barely made it to Brazil on time in order to register for my race.

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Jack Nunn’s Journey In Ironman Nice, France 2008 And Going For Ironman Florianopolis, Brazil 2009

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I hope all of you are enjoying all your success in accomplishing your goals for 2011. As I look back to the past 3 to 5 years I can’t help but think about a very different journey I had in my completion 2 full Ironman’s.

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Try A Spinning Class At Roworx


On the Inside Looking Out: How to Use Indoor Cycling to Become a Better Outdoor Cyclist
Published in City Sports Washington and City Sports Florida, March, 2000, then later in City Sports and Competitor California.

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A 3-Time Olympic Rower And His Mission To Do 22 Ironmans In One Year



 Three-time Olympic rower, Miroslav Vrastil of the Czech Republic has taken his love of competing to a new level.

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After Chemo, The Ironman!


Clayton Treska by Team Treska
To give you an idea of how crazy this story seems imagine doing a Full Distance Ironman while undergoing treatment for stage 4 cancer.

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