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2011 Roworx Holiday Newsletter

 The Holidays Are Here!!!   

Dear Roworx Members & Guests,

 The holidays are here and we hope that your fitness goals are being met. With a variety of classes such as Indoor Rowing, Bootcamp, Spinning, and Zumba we strive to do the best job possible. I hope that everyone stays motivated throughout the holiday season. All of us here at Roworx wish you a very special holiday season. We are ready to move forward throughout the new year and have you accomplish all of your fitness goals.

Are Vitamins Causing More Harm Than Good?

Throughout most of my life I have been introduced and have taken many different kinds of vitamins and supplements. My father would always take them and I followed his every move and then some. In college my rowing coach in 1999 introduced our team to creatine and told us it was the latest and greatest natural supplement that will help us all get stronger and faster. We all had a huge can of creatine and it worked just like our coach said. I gained about 25lbs and thought most of it was muscle only to discover later that it was water weight and that creatine was actually causing dehydration in my muscles and giving me multiple cramps throughout my body while exercising. Besides the creatine intake I also took many different kinds of protein powder supplements and multi-vitamins. In contrast to what most people say the human body can only absorb so much protein intake per meal. Personally I felt tired and sick more when taking vitamins and supplements then when I did not take them. About 3 years ago I was introduced to Juice Plus and it has changed the way I look at fitness and nutrition working together. I use to think I could just work out more and more and than eat whatever I wanted to in massive amounts. In reality the more you work out, the more your body induces oxidative stress to the rest of the body just like exhaust from a car burning fuel. If you put ‘bad gas’ or ‘bad food,’ in this case into your body than you will be doing more damage inside your body. This repetitive action can lead to many different harmful diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and much more.

FACT: Did you know that beginning Aug.1st 2011 the NCAA has cracked down on vitamins and supplements. Read more here

Finding The Right Balance Between The Workout-To-Recovery Ratio

When you begin a new workout routine you always need to remember to pace yourself with the workouts. The most common mistake I see in the fitness world is people coming in to a workout routine at full blast and doing way too much too soon. You will also have to remember that there has to be a ‘little pain for a little gain’ in strength gain when starting new workouts. Be patient in the beginning and take it by stride. Body at rest.. stays at rest. Bodies in motion, stay in motion! Simple as that… In my experience training on the U.S. National Rowing Team from 2002-2006 I trained hard everyday for 3-5 hours with almost no time off. The mentality was that more is better. More weights, more racing, more physical testing on the rowing machines, more time practicing and training. I found that when I moved home from Princeton, N.J. to train during the winter months that I actually gained more strength and confidence by training less. It was finding that right balance between practices and training regiments. In 2003 I trained on my own in Long Beach with no coaching for 3 months and went back to New Jersey to race in the speed orders and finished 6th overall in the single after coming in 12th earlier in the year. Ultimately at the time I realized that I was being over-trained and actually getting slower under the supervision of the National Team Coaches. Coming in 6th overall in the U.S. led me to believe that I had the concentration and determination to train on my own and pick Ted Nash as my coach in Philadelphia under the prestigious Penn A.C. rowing program. I felt that a balance between the two National Team programs was the best fit for me at the time. Finding the balance of workout times and exertion is key to getting the most out of your workouts over an extended amount of time!

The best training program manages the F.I.T.T. Principal most efficiently. This principal is a set of rules that must be adhered to in order to benefit from any form of fitness training program. These rules relate to the Frequency, Intensity, Type and Time (FITT) of exercise…Frequency, Intensity, Time, and Type of Exercise; how well you adjust to it depends on individual responses to the physiological and psychological stress applied to the plan. Getting this wrong can have serious consequences for your training and racing. Fatigue needs to be kept in check in order to stay on the positive side of adaptation.

Good Nutrition For Maximum Performance Everyday

Recently there has been more and more discussion on the importance of eating well and getting the right food in your system. The U.S. government has realized that it is an issue that can no longer be ignored. The fact that nearly %50 of our children are listed as overweight and some seen as obese the government has taken some action.  Instead of trying to look for the “quick fix” with training and eating well every once in awhile, we need to start realizing that this should be a daily part of our lives. We wouldn’t necessarily need so much help and spending in our health care system if we tried to take of ourselves right now. A teenager once said to me: “Since you are going to be out of shape and fat when you get older anyway, what’s the point of working out now?” I still remember that quote from nearly 20 years ago. It’s scary that kids are thinking this way. I have been to a few nutrition seminars and have taken advice on what my College and National Team Coaches have told me about the importance of getting the right nutrition in your body. In summary they all say the same thing, if you are training hard you need more fruits, vegetables, and berries in your system.  All good nutritionists today recommend that we eat 9 -13 servings of fruits and vegetables every day and even more if we are training hard every day). The Los Angeles Kings Ice Hockey Strength Performance and Conditioning Coach states that Nutrition accounts for 80- 90% of your total performance and body composition. Another Master Trainer that has trained me in the past stated that Nutrition is 100% of your total body composition. This means that if you are determined to get lean and toned and lose weight working out is not enough! You must change your diet and consume more fruits, veggies, and berries. I have been taking Juice Plus+ for three years and will continue taking it for the rest of my life because I have witnessed a positive difference throughout my daily life activities. One huge impact is that I can teach an average of 15 classes a week without being fatigued like I use to be before when I was not taking Juice Plus+ and not getting enough fruits and veggies in my diet.\

There is one article that stands out here at the Roworx Indoor Rowing Warehouse Fitness Center that I have read over and overagain throughout the past few years. The following article is from Jack Medina, M.A.  Former U.S. Gymnastics Coach & Conditioning Trainer for NFL Teams.  

Our first Wellness Presentation of 2011; A Fresh Look at Your New Years Decisions & Commitments

On Tuesday, January 11, 2011, Jack Nunn Welcomes Everyone to the Roworx Rowing Warehouse for the first Wellness Presentation of 2011 “A Fresh Look at Your New Years Decisions & Commitments”

Get the hype and trendy myths out of the way!!!! Then come and see the truth about how much control we have over our longevity and wellbeing. Are you planning on doing the same things, but expecting different results? Make the necessary changes and base your decisions on the facts.

Free Nutrition Seminar: Women’s Health! Thursday, Nov. 4th @ The Roworx Warehouse Location

ph-flyer november seminarEach month owner, Jack Nunn welcomes everyone (members and non-members) to Roworx Rowing Warehouse For a FREE One Hour Seminar on Health, Nutrition, and Fitness. This month’s seminar on Women’s Health is Thursday November 4, 2010.

Whether you are a woman or a man join us for a very informative session with a video presentation featuring Dr. Delia Garcia, Radiation Oncologist discussing The Role of Nutrition in Reducing the Risk of Cancer and Other Degenerative Diseases.

Some Facts you may not know:
Breast cancer is the 2nd leading cause of cancer death for women.
215,900 new cases of breast cancer diagnosed in 2004, and 40,589 women will die of breast cancer this year – 1 every 13 minutes.
A new breast cancer diagnosis is made every 2.4 minutes.  Even men can be afflicted.  You can reduce your risk of disease by 50% or more through a healthy lifestyle and the food that you eat!

Vegetables and Fruits: Get Plenty Every Day

“Eat your fruits and vegetables” is one of the tried and true recommendations for a healthy diet. And for good reason. Eating plenty of vegetables and fruits can help you ward off heart disease and stroke, control blood pressure, prevent some types of cancer, avoid a painful intestinal ailment called diverticulitis, and guard against cataract and macular degeneration, two common causes of vision loss. Read the Harvard School of Public Health article.

Ron Long Speaks on Nutrition as He Attempts to Set World Record

by Swoop

On February 19, 2010, Ron Long attempted to establish a new world record for number of Meters Rowed in a twenty-four hour period. This video is the 2nd part of the interview that I conducted with Ron on that day. On the first video,  Ron Long Attempts to Set World Record for Meters Rowed in 24 Hour Period, Ron discusses the rules of the challenge and his passion for rowing.

In this video Ron tells us of the importance of nutrition, how he fuels his body for his daily wellness and the challenges of competition.