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Burn 1000 Calories With A Highly Intensity Interval Training Workout With Just A Jump Rope

The humble jump rope has been a fantastic method of metabolic (CV) conditioning working for hundreds of years. It can easily be incorporated into to any workout to help tone muscles all over body while improving coordination which you will benefit from across your subsequent exercises. Not to be ignored in anyone’s routine, jumping can burn up to around 1000 calories per hour. This makes it a great workout if you are looking to undertake highly intensity interval training to lose weight, as the cardio is performed at such an intense level that your body will spend the rest of the day expending energy to recover from the ass-kicking you gave it. Jump rope is one of the most efficient workouts possible and I believe that once you get proficient in your technique in the gym you can be the most diverse CV workouts. When looking at adding jumping into your routine consider using it at the start of your warm up or as the main focus of a conditioning session, this is a great group exercise and it can be done both inside and outside of the gym as it’s both portable and affordable. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a professional builder the rope can be taken on business trips, vacations and even to your gym. As soon as you hear the word jump rope you may quickly jump to the conclusion that it will be easy to master, however learning to jump correctly can take a little time however the key is to be patient and slow the movement down until you are comfortable with the fundamental mechanics. The next step is to start to increase the speed and keep as much weight on your toes as possible so you have a quick bouncy contact with the surface from which you do not need to jump too high. Remember that when getting started it’s vital that your jump rope should come up to your arm-pits when measured from the ground to guarantee it is the correct length to maximise the efficiency of your workout.

Here is a great 15 minute jump rope work out for any beginners want to get in to HIW :

 Find a clear space in your home or gym and ensure you are positioned on a suitable surface. Once you have done this ensure you have a stopwatch or you are located near a clock so you can regularly check the time. Then begin

– To warm up jump the rope for 3 minutes, try to find a comfortable speed that helps you fine-tune your technique

– Rest for 30 seconds

– Now jump the rope as quickly as possible for60 seconds

– Then rest again for 30 seconds

– Jump Rope as quickly as possible for 60 seconds

– Rest for 30 seconds

– Then repeat this alternating pattern for 15 minutes.

 When starting out remember that if you are finding the HIW work out to difficult you can increase and decrease the times of intense jumping. An example of this is if you are finding it too easy, increase the duration of your work out from 60 seconds to 90 seconds and/or shorten the rest periods to manipulate the intensity of the workout. Remember that the jump rope is a great starting place for beginners when looking to undertake a HIW, once you have mastered the jump rope try move on to more difficult gym equipment to help you get a varied and mixed workout. If you hate 60 minute’s runs then remember that jumping rope is a great alternative and it doesn’t require you to run around the block for miles or kill yourself on the treadmill. Give this interval style workout a try 2-3 times per week and your fitness will go through the roof while you shed that unwanted weight.

Make sure that along with any workout such as the Jump rope that nutrition plays a huge part in overall fitness goals! These days people are always looking for the easy way out and once things get tough they usually quit or move in another direction in life. An individual will not really get anywhere unless they become established and put the time in to get things done. If you keep changing things throughout your life with fitness and nutrition and not sticking to the program it will be very difficult to accomplish your goals. As we move 6 months into 2012 ask yourself how your new year’s resolutions are going if you have really stuck to them or not. It’s never too late to get the right nutrition and fitness plan started.

Contact me HERE for any questions about how to Jumprope AND ‘Jumpstart’ your nutrition and training plans! If you have any questions regarding personal training, one-on-one rowing help, or Ironman Triathlon Training you can reach me here and we can work on a training plan together.


The Dilemma Of Managing The Highs And Lows Of Fitness Training

Growing up with a father who was a two-time U.S. Olympian in Rowing (68′ Mexico City Olympic Bronze Medalist and 76′ Montreal Olympic Men’s Rowing Coach) was a very interesting experience. I thought it was normal routine workout and it made sense that my father would go out for a 3-hour workout and train 7 days a week. I didn’t really appreciate or even come close to understanding how truly hard and mentally tough it is to win an Olympic medal… let alone just to make the Olympic Team until I rowed and was recruited to row for UC Berkeley. All of a sudden I found myself the weakest and slowest rower on the team as we went on to win 3 National Championships and 4 PAC- 10 Championships in 4 years along with International rowers that were recruited from all over the world. It was my introduction to the next step of my rowing career as I rowed alongside recruited rowers from Sweden, Norway, Germany, England, Serbia, Australia, Canada, South Africa, and Croatia . I remember days where I would barely be awake during practice in the early mornings as I did not have enough time to recover in between practices. Our coaches made us do fitness tests every week to see how fast we could row 10,000 meters on the Concept 2 Rowing Machine. One year we accumulated 15 tests every week of 10,000 meters and about 10 fitness tests of 6,000 meters! My overall best Concept 2 times were 33 min 20 seconds for 10,000 meters (1:40 split avg) and a national team qualifying time of 19 min 2o seconds for the 6,000 meter test (1:36 split avg).

The Amazing Benefits Of Training For A Full Ironman On The Concept 2 Indoor Rowing Machine

Ever since Jack Nunn could remember he wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps as an Olympian. Jack Nunn’s father, John Nunn won a bronze medal in rowing at the 1968 Olympic Games held in Mexico City. He was also the Head Coach for the Men’s Olympic Rowing Team for the United States in the 1976 Olympic Games held in Montreal. Jack Nunn began his athletic adventure while playing almost ever sport imaginable. Jack had a taste of what it was like to be on an Olympic Team while rowing for Cal Berkeley from 1998-2001 alongside former Olympic rowers from across the world that were recruited to UC Berkeley for rowing. At one point Jack was the only American born rower to be on the Varsity rowing team out of eight guys. He ended up winning 4 Pacific-10 Championships and 3 National Championships in 4 years on the rowing team. When Jack was invited and competed on the US National Team in rowing he had immediate success and won a silver medal at the World Championships his first year on the team in 2001. From 2001-2005 Jack won multiple US National races and competed all over the world including England, Austria, Germany, Japan, and Canada. Jack was an Olympic Hopeful for many years but after a few knee surgery’s the priority of making an Olympic Team and pressure became too much to handle. He decided to move on to his next adventure, The Ironman Competition!  Jack decided to sign up and go abroad to do his first Ironman after only doing one Olympic distance triathlon. Something that is not traditionally done with triathlon athletes but Jack was up for the challenge. He decided to compete in the Nice, France Ironman which is considered to be one of the toughest courses out of all of the current 30+ Ironman’s held across the world including Kona, Hawaii because of the huge mountains you have to climb during the bike ride. Jack said that along with training on the National Team and being an Olympic hopeful in rowing…. ‘completing an Ironman was a lifelong dream!’ Jack was in and come June 2008 he finished the adventure of the Ironman race and heard those amazing words with a thick french accent “Jack Nunn…You Are An Ironman!” It was the most amazing feeling he had ever felt in the last mile of that race. So many emotions poured out of Jack and it was the most incredible experience of his life. After the race Jack said “I don’t think I’ll ever do that again.” After Jack got home there was a couple of things his father told him which he felt good about. John first asked Jack if he was on steroids, which he thought was hilarious because he really didn’t think I could swim or handle the bike ride and that he needed them to get through the race. Jack was laughing as he completely frowned upon using drugs in any form. Later, John wrote Jack a note saying how proud he was of him and admitted that he too wanted to do an Ironman but he couldn’t fathom the distance and didn’t have enough time for him to train and accomplish that race. Coming from an Olympic Medalist that was very cool:) Almost exactly one year later Jack decided to race for charity and put even more meaning into his Ironman adventure. Jack competed in Ironman Florianopolis, Brazil on May 31st 2009 and raised $5000 for charity with money earned from his rowing members at his Roworx Facility in Long Beach, Ca in order to build schools for children in Brazil. 

The indoor rowing classes on the Concept 2 rowing machine and the use of indoor cycling classes at Jack’s new Roworx facility consisted of nearly 90% of his total workouts leading up to both of his Ironman’s. Jack did only a few ‘brick’ (cycling/ running) workouts and almost no swimming practice. Due to the muscles used in rowing and the muscle endurance in the latissimus muscles from rowing Jack was never tired while swimming and pulled his way through the swim in just over an hour. Jack practiced his swimming in the protected waters around Naples Island in Long Beach which is ironically 2.5 miles (the same distance as the Ironman swim section of the race). Jack challenge in the swim was learning how to breath and the rhythm of swimming while trying to steer a straight course. Focus and persistence are totally involved at the the start of any Ironman due to the large volume of Ironman athletes that start at the same time. Rowing and cycling long distances has taught Jack how to harness that focus over long periods of time and overcome many challenges that the Ironman had to deliver.  Over the years rowing and cycling has enabled Jack to work on his muscle endurance in order to handle the grueling challenge of completing 2 Ironman’s. Jack figured it was all about putting in the hours during the week of hard cardiovascular training. Combining the use of the H.I.I.T. (High Interval Intensity Training) workouts, Jack averaged 15 hours a week has allowed him to get into the best shape of his life. Rowing uses nearly every part of your body and if you can find the right routine and workouts on the rowing machine it will be one of the best training tools you can use for triathlon training.

Since rowing is not a very well-known motion and/or workout here are some things to think about when approaching the use of the rowing machine.


3 Most Common Mistakes When Using The Concept 2 Rowing Machine:

1) Feet should be tied in with the straps going almost across your toes, where your toes bend. Most people tie in way too high and that causes your knees to be high which then causes you not to be able to hinge forward over the knees at the front of the stroke. Have your feet tied in lower so that you will have an easier time to get over your knees and be able to breath easier at the frontof the stroke.

2) Damper setting on the side of the machine should always be turned to settings 4-6. Not 10! A massive mistake that is always noticed is that the machine setting ‘effort level’ is always on 10 because people want to feel the machine work you. However, with the rowing machine, you must work the machine. The better your technique gets, the more resistance you will get out of the machine. If you turn the setting to 10 (which we never really do while rowing on the machine during Olympic training) you are setting yourself up for a possible back injury due to more load or heavier gear your are setting. Find a setting somewhere in the middle from 4-6 and use the quickness of your leg drive during the stroke in order to drive thise Watts higher. Be patient and learn the technique before you pound away at the rowing machine without learning how to use it. If you know how to do a proper power clean while wieght lifting then you are already on the right path for learning the stroke in rowing. Remember… legs! Legs! Legs! Upper body pull in rowing accounts for only %20 of the total power is coming from the arms. Compare that with nearly %80 that comes from the legs/back swing.

3) Refrain from using your shoulders and squeezing your muscles in your back when you finish the rowing stroke. You must relax the shoulders and back and not squeeze the rhomboids like you would when lifting weights. Remember that rowing is mostly legs and the upper body is just an extension of the legs work. The arms are nothing compared to your legs strength during the rowing stroke. Use a mirror and drop your shoulders and let them relax and drop down as you approach the front of the stroke. As you push the legs down make sure you swing the back while keeping the shoulders low and use the momentum to finish the stroke not trying to pull with the upper body.

Reccomended Daily H.I.I.T. Rowing Workouts:

On the Concept 2 rowing machine with a PM3 or PM4 Monitor press ‘Menu Back’ then ‘Select Workout’ then ‘Custom List.’ Here is where you get a pre-programmed list of amazing workouts from Concept 2, the leader in rowing fitness and the only rowing machines that are approved by National and Olympic Rowing Teams worldwide.

Make sure to press ‘Change Units’ to Watts in order to see the power that you are creating into the machine. A good goal is to reach your own body weight in Watts on the Monitor. If you are hitting your body weight already then try to double your body weight and so on. To give you an idea of how fast and powerful Olympic Rowers are they can usually hold three times their body weight in Watts for over 6 minutes!!! Try to do this for the shorter distances. Make small goals and go from there:)

The 3 best rowing workouts for your daily routine are:

1) The ’30/30/30′ listed as :30 / :30 on the custom list on the monitor. Described as rowing :30seconds on then :30seconds off times 30 intervals. Row as hard as you can with the best technique you can at 28-32 stroke rate rating and then on the rest time work on breathing, ab crunches while tilting to the side of the machine at the back of the machine while still holding the handle, and grab water to hydrate from time to time. Get ready and repeat!

2) The ‘Pryamid Workout’ listed as ‘V 1:00 1:00 … 7’ is approx. a 32 minute workout. The machine is pre-programmed to begin with 1 min on and 1 min off of rowing going up to 4 min and then back down to one minute. Try to see how many meters you can row in each segment and remember that the higher your strokerate goes does not necessarily mean that you will go faster. Rowing is all about technique and the efficeint, powerful, quick use of the legs while pushing as hard as you can off the footboards.

3) The ‘140/20 Workout’ listed as ‘1:40 :20 … 9’ is a rowing workout that provides a maximum amount of time to row with minimal rest in order to produce the ultimate effect in High Interval Training and give your heartrate and endurance an amazing challenge. This workout is 20 minutes and has 9 intervals with a 2:00 minute rest after 5 intervals. Try to row a consistant High-Watt output for the entire workout. A good goal could be to hold an average Watt output of double your bodyweight.

Jack was also inspired by this Three-time Olympic rower, Miroslav Vrastil of the Czech Republic that has taken his love of competing to a new level. Vrastil, 58, plans to break a world record by completing 22 Ironman triathlons in one year and the father of five has already begun. Vrastil started rowing when he was 12 years old in Olomouc, Czechoslovakia. For 18 years he competed in rowing while representing his country up to the age of 35. After competing at three Olympic Games (1972, 1976 and 1980), Vrastil was diagnosed with a cancerous tumour in his leg.“I was not sure if the doctor was telling me or somebody else,” says Vrastil. “I could not believe it and my hands started shaking. I was only 30. Their final diagnosis was a necessary amputation of my right leg. I made my decision of not having my leg amputated even if that meant living for three months only or less.”Vrastil received no cancer treatment, opting just for surgery to remove the tumour. He estimates he stepped back from training for just six months.” Then triathlon entered Vrastil’s life. After more than a 20-year period of doing very little physically, Vrastil was persuaded to try triathlon. His first race, a duathlon, is memorable in his finish.”The result was horrible for me, in fact I was nearly the last out of 130 competitors of all age groups. It was there (in 1988) that I decided to change it and go for it with all that it takes,” says Vrastil. ”My rowing experience and sports experience in general have helped me in life. To strive, to compete, and not to give up, and that reflects in triathlons too,” says Vastil. Then along came the idea to beat the world record of doing 20 Ironman races in a year. Vrastil has set a target of 22 races and his list includes races around the globe. An Ironman consists of a 3.8km swim, 180km cycle and a 42.2km run and to reach the target of 22 Vrastil will be doing two, sometimes three, in a month.

Here is Hywel Davies at a Q&A Triathlon Show 2012. He has finished the Ironman many times and is a 4-time sub 9 Hour Ironman Triathlete. Hywel explains the importance of the Concept 2 rowing machine on his cross-training regiment for triathletes and other ultra-high endurance sports!

Jack Nunn Leads Cycling Classes With The Evo Fitness Bike At IHRSA 2012

Evo Fitness Bike at IHRSA 2012

 On February 23, 2012 (Costa Mesa, CA) – IHRSA, the International Health, Racquet & Sports Club Association, was holding an expo and trade show in Downtown Los Angeles on March 14-17, 2012. Relay Fitness Systems is one of three hundred exhibitors that will be on hand displaying and demonstrating the latest commercial fitness gear, including the commercial Evo Fitness Bike cx and mx models. “This will be the first opportunity for the public to see the brand new commercial versions of the Evo Fitness Bike,” stated Marko Vujicic, CEO of the Relay Fitness Group and former designer/ employee at Star Trac which produces the well-known popular Spinner bikes. Marco asked me, Jack Nunn, to head the EVO Fitness Indoor Cycle Program in order to show everyone that you don’t just have to be a cyclist to enjoy the positive effects of indoor cycling fitness.

Overview Of The March 2012 Roworx Nutrition Seminar

At The Roworx Studio/ Warehouse Located In Long Beach At 1347 Loma Ave, We Hold A Monthly FREE Nutrition Health & Welness Seminar! An Hour Of Power Every Month For Anyone Who Wants To Come Together And Learn Which Foods Are Causing Inflammation (the silent killer) And Which Foods Are Anti-Inflammatory. In These One Hour, Per Month Seminars You Gain More Knowlege And Experience About The Science Of Food And How It Can Make A Difference In Your Beauty, Vitality, And Overall Wellness. Every Time You Come To These Seminars We Try To Convey Cutting Edge Knowlege About Food As Am ‘Easy To Make’ Green Recipe. We Make FREE Nutrition Shakes With The ‘Green’ Smoothie Of The Month And Most Of All An Empowered Feeling Of High Energy, Motivation, And Knowlege To Take On A Better Lifestyle!

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FORKS OVER KNIVES MOVIE: A tale of two doctors, many cows and a multitude of human ailments, Lee Fulkerson’s “Forks Over Knives” makes a pedantic yet persuasive case for banishing meat and dairy from the dinner table. They make the argument that most of our major health issues — including heart disease, cancer and diabetes can be prevented (and even in some cases reversed) by following a vegetables-and-whole-grains diet, this dense documentary would rather inform than entertain. Its hale heroes are the nutritional scientist T. Colin Campbell and the surgeon Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn Jr., (An Olympic Gold Medalist For The U.S. Rowing Team In 1956) whose combined decades of research into the harmful effects of animal proteins are summarized, along with a potted history of our worldwide dietary decline.

*Roworx Will Have Several Copies Of The Movie: Forks Over Knives For Use For Our Members To Watch At The Studio/ Warehouse Facility!

The New And Exciting Tower Garden By Juice Plus Was Also Introduced At The Seminar And Will Show How You Can Grow Your Own Fruits, Vegetables, Berries, And Much More Inside Or Outside Your Own Home. It Will Be As If You Have Your Own Farmers Market In Your Backyard!!!

Ask Me How To Get Your Tower Garden Now Before It Goes On The Market To The Public. Get Greener, Save Money, And Conserve Resources By Using This Tower Garden! 🙂

Sharing Jack Nunn’s Experience From A 4 Day Rowing Camp That Featured Four Olympic Gold Medalists…And More!!! (Part 3 of 8)

This camp was a once in a lifetime opportunity for me to meet the best of the best in the sport of rowing, especially in the singles event. The singles event is known in the world of rowing to be the toughest of all rowing events and respected by other sports as being one of the hardest things to master. To be the best in the world in the single is like being Superman in my eyes. There are 8 Parts to this Blog simply because each one of these athletes has had such a tremendous impact on the world of rowing and beyond. I want to share my experience with each of these great rowers. Part 3


The Time For Good Nutrition Is Now!

Dr. Roy Vartabedian is President of Vartabedian & Associates/ Designs for Wellness, a Health and Nutrition publishing and consulting firm. He is also a Doctor of Public Health, with a specialty in Chronic Disease Prevention from Loma Linda University, and holds Master of Public Health degrees in Health Education and Nutrition also from LLU. He has worked in the field of health promotion and disease prevention for over 22 years, working with patients, managing programs, consulting, and speaking throughout the U.S. and Canada. His landmark publication Nutripoints has been used in a total of 13 countries in 10 languages worldwide. He has appeared on numerous TV and radio programs. Today Show, Live With Regis, and Everyday With Joan Lunden. Articles on his Nutripoints Program have appeared in many publications including Ladies’ Home Journal, New Woman, the New York Times, and the Dallas Morning News. Previously, Dr. Vartabedian worked as Executive Director of Wellness Programs at the worldrenowned Cooper Clinic in Dallas, Texas. There he worked with Dr. Kenneth Cooper to develop the residential lifestyle improvement program on the 30acre Cooper Aerobics Center facility in Dallas, directing the program for 6 years. Before working with Dr. Cooper, he taught Preventive Care at the Family Practice Residency in Florida Hospital, Orlando, Florida for 4 years. There he trained 36 Family Practice doctors how to incorporate Patient Education and Preventive Medicine into their practices, and developed the awardwinning Preventive Care Learning Center, a facility patients used to learn more about how to improve their health and understand their disease when visiting their doctor.

Do Children Have Healthy School Lunches?

I remember when I was in the 4th grade in the 80’s when Ronald Regan wanted to make french fries and tomato sauce (and/or ketchup) part of the vegetable food group. I was actually very happy about that at the time but I knew at age 9 that ketchup and french fries were not in the vegetable food group. Playing sports as a child I knew that I had to be agile and quick and when I ate fast food or other unhealthy foods I could feel myself getting slower and my energy levels were plummeting. I made a pact to myself when I was younger that I would try to avoid and ultimately quit drinking soda and eating fast food. It was an awareness I had about my own eating habits and one that my father would instill in me that being overweight and eating unhealthy would not help my overall performance in sports. A few days ago I read a little article on the 10th page of the Press Telegram in Long Beach discussing the story of unhealthy lunches still being served in schools across the country everyday. In my opinion there are a few main reasons I see why we can’t put healthier food out on the table for children. One very easy and effective way to get great nutrition in a child’s body everyday is by taking Juice Plus.

Please contact me here about any and all inquiries about the Juice Plus Product and the Juice Plus Children’s Health Study where your child can get this amazing fruit and vegetable food concentrate for FREE by the company.

2011 Roworx Holiday Newsletter

 The Holidays Are Here!!!   

Dear Roworx Members & Guests,

 The holidays are here and we hope that your fitness goals are being met. With a variety of classes such as Indoor Rowing, Bootcamp, Spinning, and Zumba we strive to do the best job possible. I hope that everyone stays motivated throughout the holiday season. All of us here at Roworx wish you a very special holiday season. We are ready to move forward throughout the new year and have you accomplish all of your fitness goals.

Free Nutrition Seminar: Fueling And Training Your Body For Ultimate Preformance Oct. 28th, 7PM @ The Roworx Studio/Warehouse Location

The Roworx Center in Long Beach Offers A FREE Nutrition Seminar Every Month! Be sure to RSVP and join us this Friday Oct. 28th At 7PM Sharp At 1347 Loma Ave, Long Beach CA 90803. We will enjoy a great night with complimentary food, beverages, and nutrition shakes before and during the seminar. These nutrition smeinars are packed full of important information in order to live a healthier lifestyle. 🙂