zumba discoJane S. says:

Zumba For Life At Roworx

This place is a hidden little gem. I just started doing zumba fitness, usually its in a big gym and the lines are crazy and its packed. I just happened to drive by and I saw the zumba sign. so I checked it out! Loved it! Roworx is intimate prob 7-10 people a class, the instructors are friendly and good. The price is great $5 a class! I think if you go to the web site you can print a
coupon for first class free. If you want a place to go where there is no CHAOS (i.e big gym classes) and the instructors are friendly and good. this is the place. I will be going there for now on and hopefully  you try it too!

maggieMaggie Menzel says:

How Does It Get Better Than Roworx?

Eugenia 'Jenny' Stewart says:

The Classes are Fun and Energetic

Roworx is not your regular gym; it’s a place where you can achieve your fitness goals while working out with the BEST and most personable instructors; a place you will feel cared for and valued as a member. Indoor rowing is a workout like no other you’ve ever experienced and I know for sure that you will be back for more!!!

barbaraBarbara Holbrook says:

Working out is fun at Roworx

I’ve never liked exercise, but agreed to try rowing with a friend. Wow! I really didn’t expect to have so much fun! The instructors are super helpful and keep the classes varied and interesting — plus, the music is great. I’ve never been so happy to go to a gym. Thanks!

Richard Herrera Profile PictureRichard Herrera says:

Before and After

 At 26 years old I had found myself out of shape and un-enthused with the typical workouts that I have always given first thought to (i.e. running, weights, and competitive sports). I felt the need to get into shape, and lose weight and didn’t know where to begin.

One day, I was recommended Roworx from my good friends father. His exact words were “If you’re serious about getting in shape, you should come row with me. The pounds will melt off of you.” I accepted his offer, and went to my first rowing class at Powerhouse, and became immediately hooked. The classes have been set up to give you a consistent, and great workout, all while maintaining a very fun and uplifting atmosphere. I’ve been rowing now for just over 7 months, and have lost 60 pounds since my first day. I can’t say enough good things about Jack Nunn, and his staff at Powerhouse, I can only recommend that you come in, and try a class for yourself.

ronlongRon Long says:

Roworx Gives Me The Best Workout!

One of the best ways to use many major muscle groups in one workout, and to burn up to 1000 calories in an hour. Great instructors, great music, some of the most supportive and best people that are regular members. If you haven’t tried indoor rowing yet, check it out here at Roworx! To lose weight, to get your college body back, to get your life back on track! Just follow Jack!

1__Warner_KBundy_EliteWarner Bonner says:

An Amazing Fitness Center!

You do not get training like this at a typical gym.  It’s sort of hard to put in words but being trained by an elite athlete like Jack Nunn, a guy that has raced internationally in multiple disciplines, you just get a higher level of delivery in the training.  I do indoor rowing and spin classes on the east coast but was in LA for business and it was totally worth it.  If you go, you better get your game face on because it’s legit, very legit.  Great workout Jack, thank you! Oh and thanks for the Juice Plus recommendation, I’ve been on it for a few
months and feel awesome!!

Stephanie G. says:

Roworx Rocks!!!

He is by far one of the most intense spin instructor’s ever!!!  He plays BOMB music & he pushes you HARD CORE!!!  Any class taught by Jack will be huge benefit to your fitness!!!
His class is a MUST!!!

Marisa Marshall says:

I Love This Place!

Indoor rowing at its finest and all with a gorgeous view of the water in Marine Stadium. The rowing workout is unparalleled. It seriously works every muscle in your body since it is a mixture of cardiovascular training and strength training. It is the best way to mix up your routine and try something new and fun. You will be surprised at how quickly an hour of exercise
can fly by as you get lost in the music and the great feeling this class gives you. Jack Nunn and his staff are outstanding. They all should be commended on how well they teach these classes…..FANTASTIC!!!!!

Rob Glidden says:

Roworx Gives The Comeptitors A Training Edge

As a competitive rower in Long Beach, and on the wrong side of 50, I’m always looking for a training edge.  In a recent competition on the C2 indoor rower, I was able to achieve a goal that forever seemed out of reach, made possible by a special accommodation provided by Jack.  I had a particular need that fell outside of the structured program, yet he quickly found a way to say “yes”.  I owe him a debt of gratitude, as do others who were enrolled in the formal competition-readiness program. In addition to his tangible support, I was
especially pleased with the interest Jack and his staff took in my private training in spite of it being outside of an organized class setting.  The mental and emotional lift this provided helped motivate the daily commitment required. He was even at my side during an out-of-town event (the famous San Diego Indoor Classic) giving guidance and encouragement.  Sometimes, just knowing someone is pulling for you to succeed makes all the difference. I’m at the Long Beach boathouse daily and have had the privilege of getting to know — and even
row on the water with! — many of the instructors, including Genevieve, Kristina, and Lauren.  Every one of them is a peach.  Roworx has something to offer individuals at every level, and it comes with consistent, active, and engaged interest in each person no matter how modest or ambitious their goals may be, and at their level of comfort.

tom okeefe profile pictureTom O'Keefe says:

Roworx is a Perfect Fit

If it weren’t for your rowing classes, I wouldn’t have been able to sustain the level of exercise I was accustomed to.  The impact I experienced in many sports took its toll on my body.  Indoor rowing is a perfect fit for someone like me, who knows the benefits of the right type of exercise coupled with “real” nutrition.  I can’t thank you enough for your efforts in giving all of us the gift of what your rowing classes (with your qualified instructors) do for our health and wellness!!!!!!!!!!!


Naomi Foust - Long Beach Junior Crew Parent says:

Roworx is an Amazing Overall Experience!!!

I have to let you know how much I have enjoyed the Roworx indoor rowing in both of your locations. You have a great, fun gym with high energy classes that are out of this world! I admire and enjoy your talented team of trainers. Dani Bell and Mika Brandt are so fun, fun, fun and delightful and left me shaking that some times I couldn’t even walk the next day, but I thank them because I know I’m getting the best workout possible!

I love sweet ‘Just Row Joe’ and his fun workouts. Ian has tremendous motivation to achieve real lasting results for the perfect technique but at the same time kept me sweating. Last but not least, Jack! Your challenging classes combined with your positive attitude and passion for fitness motivate everyone to perform their best during every single workout. It’s been a pleasure working out with you and your team.

Kamika King says:

Rowing Burns Calories

Started going here on a recommendation from my Zumba instructor and after a review on Yelp. Got my first week free due to the promotion still being advertised on Yelp ( I think now its 1st class free). I was hooked. Rowing burns a lot of calories. After my first 3 classes I toned up enough to get into a pair of pants for my vacation that were previously unwilling to button. Rowing is also very low impact on the body. I have yet to hurt after a workout but I do feel the burn. Depending on your membership you have the option of using
1 or 2 facilities. I normally attend at the Warehouse on Loma but I have the option of also attending classes at the Boathouse. All memberships also include Zumba and Spinning. And just in case you’re wondering, it’s not just a full hour of boring rowing. The instructors mix it up by adding weight training and boot camp style torture (LOL).  All of the instructors are friendly and show a genuine interest in getting to know you, remembering your name, and answering your questions. So if you want to try something new try Powerhouse.

chrisChris Vaughn says:

I’ve Never Had A Better Workout

You can make a rowing workout as hard or as easy as you want it to be, and I love the fact you can have a novice rowing next to an Olympian in this gym, it makes for such a cool experience. Because of the way workouts are structured, everyone can stay at the same pace, but get such variable workouts.  When I’m training for any other type of event, like a 10k or triathlon’s, I make sure to get the rowing classes in because it enables me to go so much farther with the increased lung capacity. Aside from it being a great workout, Jack and the team there create an
awesome experience.  Definitely a cool, relaxed, and fun place to workout.

raymondRaymond Duke says:

Legendary Workouts!

This week I completed my 6th week or indoor rowing classes (1 hour a day, 5 days a week) and now that I have a good idea of what Roworx, and indoor rowing, is about, I am ready to leave my review. In my 29 years I have never ever rowed. I wanted to try it out because I have an issue with my shoulder, and the only way to ease it’s pain is to work out. I figured rowing would be a great workout and help me bulk up my upper body, but in fact, rowing is 70% legs. After the first week of doing classes it was not just my shoulder that felt better, but my entire body. Indoor rowing is an excellent full body workout that you should at least try once (and since the first class is free there is nothing stopping you!). After 6 weeks of doing classes Roworx is a place that is not just for rowing. They have spin classes. They have Zumba classes. They have multiple instructors who each have varying workouts; some involve weights, some involve racing each other on the machines, some involve using a ski erg, medicine balls, wall sits, and the list goes on. They have morning and evening classes too so you always squeeze one in based on your schedule, and with two locations, either the boathouse with the wonderful view of the water or the gym with hardwood floors and wall mirrors you have even more options. This week I also broke 100,000 meters total rowed. With the concept2 machines you can log your meters and keep a record of them. Once you reach 1,000,000 you get a certificate that is framed and put on the wall. It’s a nice goal to work towards, and you also get a t-shirt. Tracking your meters is automated by a key-card that you insert in the machine when you start your workout.  You could even go the extra step and get the Facebook app that let’s your friends know how you’re doing. If you join and are interested in doing this, I would be happy to help you. Lastly, I want to give an example of how rowing benefited my breathing. I have asthma; it’s been with me since I was young and being born and raised in the Inland Empire and then Los Angeles didn’t help at all with the unclean air. Prior to rowing I would only be able to run 1/2 to 3/4ths of a lap around my block. After my 4th week of rowing I went for a jog; I went 5 continuous laps without stopping or slowing down. It really does improve your breathing, cardio, and other physical activities.

christine manviChristine Manvi says:

A Tremendous Workout!

Roworx offers a tremendous workout with fun, knowledgable instructors who are great athletes and coaches. Indoor rowing offers an fantastic workout. Those calories melt-away. It doesn’t matter if you are recovering from an injury, middle-aged, overweight or a world-class triathlete everyone is welcome here and everyone is treated well. If you are looking to get back in shape or compete in an Ironman this place is for you. This is a super efficient workout: I can either spend 1 1/2 hours walking to get in 10,000 steps and burn a couple of 100 calories or take a class at Roworx and burn 500 plus calories in and hour and work all my muscles, plus have fun! H-m-m-m…no brainer for me!

Kathleen Dragovich says:

Training at Roworx is an Incredible Fitness Experience

This is the best thing that’s happened to me in over 20 years. I used to be a competitive athlete and love an intense workout, but now at 56 with 2 hip replacements, this is the only thing I can do to lose weight without further injuring myself! I’m feeling stronger and stronger like I used to feel.

Marisa Marshall says:

Roworx Instructors Are Top Notch in Their Field

What a difference Roworx has made for me! I have been a member of many different gyms over the years (Gold’s Gym, Spectrum, 24Hr Fitness). I can honestly say that Jack Nunn has something special and unique at Roworx.

Roworx offers a personal setting with trained instructors who are top notch in their field. The spin classes are challenging, motivating, and gratifying. Indoor rowing is always exciting and invigorating while offering something new and fun.

Thanks to Roworx I am inspired to work out harder than I ever have. Thank you to Jack and all the staff at Roworx!

Patty Zettel says:

A Perfect Total Body Workout

Roworx is a great workout for the total body.  Even with spine/neck problems, I have been able to get a great workout without pain or injury.  A great alternative to my old walking routine.  The instructors are encouraging and the view of the water while rowing motivated me to also take lessons to row on the water!  The machine workouts are great for all ages.  You can make it is easy or hard as you want, but working out hard on these great machines is satisfying.
Thanks to Roworx and Jack!!

Christina Gschweng says:

Positive and Supportive

“After my second baby, the baby weight was not coming off. I came across Roworx while walking at Marine Stadium with the kids in the stroller. I was a bit intimidated about trying, but the instructors were all so friendly and willing to help you learn. I was hooked right away! A year and a half later, I’ve lost the 40 “baby weight” lbs plus 10 more lbs. Jack has created an environment at the gym that is positive and supportive and keeps you coming back. I know this is a lifelong sport I will continue!”

zumba pic hotLaurie H. says:

Zumba Baby!!!

Roworx offers zumba classes 3 times a week! The instructors are fun and easy! If you like zumba and want a new place, you might as well stop by. They also offer rowing, personal training and spin classes. All the instructors are top-notch. I have tried zumba, rowing, and spin!
Everyone there (employees and members) are very nice. The one bad thing about this place is it is kind of hard to find, but worth it when you do. Go to the website for promos at :)

carolCarol DeMiranda says:

A Motivating Place To Workout

Roworx is an awesome gym and such a great workout! The owner Jack Nunn is a world class rower and national champion and brings all of his knowledge and expertise to his classes. I did not know a lot about rowing when I joined and now I am hooked! It is so fun and the best workout you will ever have! I love rowing on the erg and doing the spin classes too! I have lost so much weight and feel incredible thanks to Roworx!

Kelsey B. says:

C Magazine Workout Of The Summer

I read about this gym in C magazine (California Lifestyle). My dad had been interested in trying out a concept 2 rower so we printed out the coupon for our first free class. It is held at a beautiful location in Long Beach and taught by an Olympic rowing champion! It was such a fun class. I was taught how to correctly use the machine and the form that I should use. I saw improvement in myself in just one class. It was such a fun time, I didn’t even realize I was working out! The whole class is rowing at the same time and that really helped me keep a good challenging pace. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone who wants a good workout. I have had back problems in the past and I felt no pressure or pain from this workout. The instructor insured me that this form of exercise would not strain my back. This was am amazing experience for me and my family and I can’t wait to go back!

Charles Flieger says:

Roworx Changed My Life

I joined Roworx 13 months ago and it has been a life changing experience ever since.  I’ve gotten control of my life back and I feel great! I’ve lost 35 lbs and my family and coworkers can’t believe the difference.  I love my indoor rowing class at the Boathouse. Jack Nunn and the Roworx team are great athletes who are knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and they make the classes fun.  You get a great workout because indoor rowing works your core, increases your cardio, builds strength, and eats up calories.  My energy
level is up and I can go all day, whereas before 2 pm was when I crashed and burned.  More importantly for me, indoor rowing doesn’t stress my knees, hips, or impact my old sports injuries – which is exactly the type of workout I had been looking for. I don’t enjoy the gym routine and I have wasted more money on them than I would like to admit.  Roworx is not a gym but they offer a variety of training programs to get you back in shape.  Indoor rowing is more than a workout because of the camaraderie with the other people
in the classes and making new life friends along the way. Great job Jack and to the rest of the Roworx team for making my indoor rowing experience a true life changing experience!

Jill says:

Rowing at Roworx

Heather H. says:

Roworx Is Simply The Best

I stumbled into the boathouse about 10 months ago looking for an exercise program I would stick to. I had heard of Roworx through the grapevine, and decided to give the free class a try. I joined right away. Since then I have gained strength and endurance; as these are my primary objectives for my exercise program. Jack and his instructors run this class so individuals can tailor class to their goals and limitations (such as old sports injuries).  Each instructor has their own style; however, even if you had the same instructor every time, you will not get the same workout.  Rowing classes are often augmented with some weights for toning.  I’d encourage anyone to try a class here; the environment is friendly and encouraging, and you will get results. Besides, if you go to the evening class, there’s an excellent chance you’ll witness a beautiful sunset over the water as you sweat. Can’t beat that!

Ann Marie Reggie says:

Rowing is the Perfect Workout

I’m a single mom and I have very little time for myself but I need to workout to feel good about myself. This is the best workout for maximum calorie burning and muscle toning in just a couple of hours a week. I usually workout at the Boathouse and can get in and out with a perfect workout. The beautiful view of Marine Stadium in Long Beach makes working out at Roworx so amazing and fun!

Shirley Owen says:

We Are a Roworx Family

“I have worked out since my graduate school days (won’t say how long ago that was– but it’s been a minute). I have been a member of many gyms, Holiday Health Spa which became Bally’s back when step aerobics was the rage. Loved it. Gold’s gym when Spinning became the rage. Loved it. But I have never been a part of a….) I hate to call Roworx a ’Gym’ because it is so much more than that) let me call it a fitness program as special as Roworx.

A fellow workout person from Gold’s actually introduced me to rowing about two years ago. I went as a guest on a Saturday morning and I was hooked. The woman who taught the class was a former Olympic rower (Katrin Gleie), and the workout was magnificent. I signed up right then and there. What I liked was that it was a total workout. When done, I truly felt like I had worked every muscle in my body. Though I love SPIN, I still had to do weights to work out my upper body and then of course do abs. A rowing workout at Roworx works everything.

At first I kept my membership at Gold’s and just rowed on Saturday. Then I felt like Saturday wasn’t enough so I started going once during the week and then on Saturday. Then, that didn’t feel like enough. So, I started going Mon-Thurs and again on Saturday’s. Consequently, I am giving up my Gold’s membership because I no longer go there. What about SPIN? Still love it and now do it at Roworx. Roworx has two amazing SPIN instructors (Jack and Georgia). So, I get to do that once or twice a week as well.

The other benefit, aside from the great workouts, are the people. I have met the most wonderful people, instructors, and workout buddies that have become life long friends. I look forward to seeing them. We encourage each other to become better rowers and also celebrate with each other outside of working out. We are a Roworx family!! In my opinion, Roworx is worth being a part of if you are looking for a fitness lifestyle and a genuinely great group of people to share it with.”

Kim V. says:

Spinning Classes With High Energy Instructors

Every Time I leave a spin class taught by Jack I feel like I have had the best workout!   His personality, passion for cycling and music really culminate in an energized class.  One of the things I like best is that he has great pacing in the sense that he builds the cycle on each song so that you can push yourself and build to 100% without feeling like you have hit a wall within the first 10 seconds.   He cycles hard yet it is a  sustainable high energy cycles which motivates.  After Jack’s class you know you have worked and pushed yourself but you feel great!!   Wish I lived closer to Long Beach  and Roworx as his class at 24Hr FitnessHermosa  is always packed and many times you can’t get in.  More Jack classes!!!

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