The Difference Between Low-Impact And High-Impact Exercises

Roworx Offers The Best Low-Impact Group Personal Training Workouts. Period!

You may have come across lots of articles and discussions about the benefits of high-impact and low-impact exercises, but what do these exercises mean to you?

Roworx believes in providing you with extremely experienced, energetic, knowledgeable instructors. We believe that you will see results sooner and prevent injury by maintaining efficient, safe technique. We believe that if you are having fun and engaging your mind as well as your body, you will be more consistent with your exercise plan and you will get fitter sooner. And we believe there are no better exercises than the low-impact, calorie-burning, workouts with Indoor Rowing, EVO Cycling, Bootcamp, Yoga, and Zumba Classes! Low-impact activities are easier on the body and involve exercises where one foot remains in contact with the ground and/or machine.

Inside the boathouse and studio/warehouse studios, anyone can take the one-hour indoor rowing classes. These classes are usually also paired with strength training technique in order to get the best possible workout. Meet our friendly, knowledgeable rowing instructors or check out some of our equipment. The benefits of rowing? It burns up to 800 calories an hour—that’s more than running! And, because it’s virtually no impact, it’s easy on the knees. (Read nine more reasons to start rowing.) The Roworx Indoor Rowing program offers a group exercise that’s low-impact, high efficiency, and great for building strength and endurance. Roworx also utilizes the Concept 2 Ski Erg, TRX Suspension Training System, and light dumbbell weights. Our clients span all experience levels, ages and abilities. Anyone can row – you control your own pace and resistance. The ability to control your own resistance on the flywheel allows you to maintain rhythm with the group, while selecting your own difficulty level.

Top Ways To Train With These Low-Impact Activities:

 Indoor Rowing: Rowing is a total-body sport which builds both cardiovascular endurance and strength through repetitive resistance training. Few other sports can provide the total body benefit that rowing does. Find out how rowing can benefit your workout or click here to learn about the types of rowing you’ll find at Roworx. The number of muscles used makes rowing a huge calorie burner. With rowing, you can achieve superb aerobic fitness and core strength. You will tone your upper and lower body while promoting great joint health through the wide range of motion rowing requires. If you have only a few minutes a day to exercise, the whole body nature of rowing will provide an efficient and effective workout that other exercises simply can’t compare. Rowing is a sport you can participate in throughout your whole life due to non-impact nature of the sport. My Father, John Nunn, just returned from Duisburg, Germany where he competed at the 2012 Masters Worlds Rowing Games. He is 70 yrs old and competed in five events over a few days of racing. He still rows 4-6 days a week on the Concept 2 rowing machine as well as on the water in Long Beach Marine Stadium. After nearly 20 years of running and 7 marathons my father hung up his running shoes and began rowing nearly everyday. He is still suffering from knee and hip injuries due to the high-impact nature of running long distances.


 Evo Indoor Cycling Program/ TriCore Indoor Cycling: Uniquely tailored to suit a wide range of abilities and fitness goals, the EVO Cyling program delivers a personalized workout, incredible calorie burn and personal challenge—all at a self-directed pace. Anyone can benefit from the EVO Cycling program. Click here to discover the benefits of EVO Cyling. Jack Nunn chose to utilize the Evo Fitness Bike for the TriCore Indoor Cycling DVD, his gym, and his personal preparation for his next Ironman competition because of the unique sway frame, as well as its maintenance free, durable design. The benefits of the sway frame include enhanced upper body and core workouts and the ability to maintain a natural pedaling motion. The full body pedaling motion is important because it more closely simulates outdoor riding; typical indoor cycles are fixed in place, requiring cyclists to change their form for indoor and outdoor riding. Jack Nunn developed the TriCore Training system because he needed more efficient workouts to prepare for his next Ironman competition in Cozumel, Mexico on November 25, 2012. He found the need to maximize his training results with a limited amount of workout time. He solved his problem by developing a program that works multiple aspects of fitness at the same time; rather than training for each event separately, Jack is now looking to improve his performance with a full body training program. The TriCore Indoor Cycling DVD was shot in May 2012 and is now in post production. The Relay Fitness Group is expected to issue a sneak peak preview commercial for the new workout DVD in the beginning of June 2012. “Me and my clients have been enjoying the TriCore Training program for a while now, and I’m looking forward to see how it works for viewers at home,” said Jack Nunn. “This program is a triple threat; you’ll be hitting your strength, endurance, and balance all at the same time!”


Find out how rowing can benefit your workout or click here to learn about the types of rowing you’ll find at Roworx.

 Benefits Of Low-Impact Exercise

High- and low-impact aerobics offer fat-burning benefits. Performed for the same duration by the same person, high-impact aerobics burn more calories than low-impact aerobics. For example, a 150-lb. person performing high-impact aerobics for an hour burns about 482 calories. Performing low-impact aerobics for an hour, that same person burns about 344 calories. Combined with a healthy diet, both forms of aerobics help with weight loss and maintenance. They also improve overall heart health, lower blood pressure and improve strength and flexibility.

Disadvantages Of High-Impact Exercises

Those who participate in high-impact aerobics are more likely to sustain overuse injuries than those who participate in low-impact aerobics. If you are injured or are new to exercising, low-impact aerobics, such as water aerobics, provide a workout while reducing the risk of new or further injury. Both high- and low-impact aerobics classes may have complicated choreography and instruction that take time to master. Competitive runners in particular are more likely to experience partial or complete stress fractures from repeated application of stress, even though the stress is less than that required to fracture the bone in one application. Stress fractures account for up to 20 percent of all injuries seen at sports medicine clinics. Of all athletes, track-and-field athletes have the highest incidence of stress fractures.  That study found the incidence of fatigue fractures to be highest in middle-distance runners who train intensively. The authors recommended part of the training be done on grass rather than on hard surfaces. Although exercise can help prevent osteoporosis, people who already have this condition should be cautious about exercising. They are more susceptible to spinal injuries or other fractures. The National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases (NIAMS) advises consulting with a doctor about safe activities. These individuals may need to avoid exercises involving flexing, bending or twisting the spine. High-impact exercise such as jogging also is a disadvantage for people with osteoporosis as it can lead to a fracture. Too much exercise can have adverse effects on the skeletal systems of young women due to its effects on hormones, according to the American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA). Low estrogen production results in delayed onset of menstruation, which has negative effects on bone growth. These girls have a higher incidence of scoliosis, stress fractures and lower-than-normal bone mineral density (osteopenia). This low bone mineral density may be irreversible. Excessive exercise can also cause trauma to the skeletal system that can lead to back pain. An example is weight lifting with too much weight, or weight lifting out of proper position. Lower back strain can result from exercising too strenuously for one’s fitness level, more common in weekend warriors who are sedentary during the work week. The picture featured to the left is Bo Jackson walking off the field after his tackle where it left him with a shattered hip and the beginning of the end of his short but illustrious football/baseball career. Bo Jackson was my idol growing up being one of the best all-around pro-athletes the world has ever seen while dominating both baseball and football for a few short years! The ‘Bo Knows’ Nike campaign was the biggest thing since Prefontaine and his running coach started Nike in the 1970’s. Bo Jackson took the hits and had it all but had a devastating toll throughout sports with high-impact activities that resulted in the end of his professional sports career. He now takes up golf 🙂
Last but not least…Group Fitness Is The Best Fitness! Who has the time to workout, train, and be disciplined on fitness on their own? Studies show that we are motivated to work harder, show up more often, and push further past our perceived limits when training in a group. The results of one study suggest that endorphin release is significantly greater in group training than in individual training; this seems to be the case even when the individual’s power output, or physical exertion, is the same. Not only is it more fun to exercise with others, but it is safer and more efficient to exercise under the leadership of a good coach. With the help of our amazing instructors you are sure to have a great time in any of our four class programs that we have to offer.


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Jack Nunn

Jack Nunn is the head trainer and owner of Roworx. Jack is a former national team rower who has competed in more than 100 triathlons, including 9 full Ironmans. He has created a system of rowing that prepares the whole body for both competition and fitness longevity.

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