Top 10 Mistakes With Indoor Cycling Technique

I came across an article in the L.A. Times recently that covered a cycling studio that uses weights while on the Indoor bike. I began to wonder how far we will go with indoor cycling to make it so different and unique that it suddenly becomes unsafe and dangerous. Indoor cycling is an amazing cardiovascular workout and is extremely popular among all fitness classes offered around the world. However, as with all group fitness classes, there is concern that instructors try new and ‘exciting’ ways to do certain exercises on the indoor bike and some of these moves can cause injury. Along with Jillian Michael’s on The Biggest Loser as well as doing certain cycling techniques more often than not less is more when it comes to new ways to try and re-invent certain indoor cycling techniques. Many instructors use moves that may be dangerous in the name of creativity. Indoor cycling can be very safe, but make sure you are aware of the following top 10 mistakes that instructors make while teaching class or while using your indoor bike at home. Overall when it comes to designing and planning an indoor cycling workout: Less Is More! Focus on the beats of the music and try to keep it a simple cycling routine so that everyone in class can follow no matter what level you are. 🙂 Check out our classes at Roworx for more information about cycling classes!

Proper Indoor And Outdoor Cycling Technique And Form On The Bike

Over the past 10 years while teaching over 5,000 hours of indoor cycling classes throughout various fitness facilities across the U.S. I have found that in order to get the best workout on a bike you must have the right technique whether you are cycling indoors and or outdoors. Cross-training on the indoor bike has had added many positive effects to my training for two international Ironman’s in Nice, France and Florianopolis, Brazil over the past couple of years. I owe it to cycling for getting my body into the best shape of my life and improving muscle endurance throughout my legs and core. My father, John Nunn also used cycling as a perfect way to crosstrain for the Olympics in 1968 while winning a bronze medal in rowing. John also discusses the importance that indoor cycling bikes that offer the perfect cross training exercises with all the training benefits of road cycling and without the risks of crash injuries. The indoor cycling ‘boom’ hit in the late 1980’s and early 90’s with the emergeance of the ‘spin class.’ Since then almost every single fitness machine manufacturer has developed am indoor bicycle. Indoor and outdoor cycling have become so popular because nearly everyone knows how to ride a bike and the leg drive on a bicycle is a relatively simple process. You may either pedal with greater force, more pedal velocity along with resistance in gears or brake, or both to achieve greater speed and power. In order to accomplish this you must first transfer your body’s energy to the pedals. How much of this energy you transfer is determined by your efficiency and technique during the pedal stroke. There are many ways to increase power and efficiency. It is possible to be a fit and powerful athlete, but not necessarily a fast one if you are inefficient.

How Bike ‘Sway’ Contributes To Enhanced Leg And Core Strength While Sitting And Standing

The EVO Indoor Cycling Bike is very unique from the rest of the indoor bikes on the market in that it engages the whole body while cycling in and out of the seat while riding just as a real outdoor bike experience would be on the open road. Some cyclists would say that the less sway the better, however, the act of throwing every ounce of leverage, weight, and power into the pedals and movement side to side is the visible result of trying that hard to move forward when riding outdoors. If you could stay absolutely still, and input the same amount of force to the pedal, then more of that energy would go to moving forward, but it’s physiologically it is very difficult. It’s a matter of balance and leverage. Further, there is a mechanical advantage to be had in terms of body mechanics by swaying the bike and it lets the cyclist apply a bit more force than if the bike remained straight. The swaying motion from side to side will allow the cyclist to use more of his arm strength than would otherwise be the case. Being able to use your full body weight in a sprint has its advantages, and that’s one reason they shift the bike back and forth under them to ‘throw’ their body weight down on alternate legs side to side creates momentum and speed. They quite simply must sway the bike back and forth because of the mechanical reality of the situation. It’s not even really a conscious act and if a rider didn’t do this, the bike would fall out from under them. Sometimes you will actually see someone move a traditional indoor cycling bike off the ground from side to side and hop around the floor in class. These riders are applying extreme power to each pedal. Since the pedals are not centered laterally, applying a large force to the right pedal for instance will  apply a rotational force that pushes the top of the bike to the right and the bottom of the bike to the left. Without this counterbalancing motion, they would quite literally kick the wheel to the side out from under them. By ‘swaying’ the bike in the opposite direction, they increase the amount of force on the legs and core that can be applied to the pedals without crashing. It is an intuitive motion that happens completely automatically to any rider from novice to advanced. For a quick mental picture, imagine somebody swaying in the same direction as the pedal being pushed. For instance, somebody leaning the bike to the right while they apply a large force to the right pedal. The rotational force would rotate the bicycle clockwise, lifting the wheel off the ground. Not something you want to happen, especially at sprinting speeds and especially in a classroom setting. For a great example how this technique comes into play in real road cycling watch any Tour De France finish line approach. It’s incredibly intense and you can see how hard everyone sprints and works the whole body in order to get through the finish first. Legs, lungs, muscle endurance, and core play a massive role in the use of the Evo Bike!

10 Reasons Why You Should Use Indoor Cycling

Indoor cycling classes are an ideal place to work on the proper cycling technique and provide a traffic-free environment that can go a long way toward replacing the on-the-road experience. It’s a great place for cycling novices to improve at least ten aspects of cycling that will quickly make them a better rider. Indoor cycling is also a great place for the veteran cyclists to refresh their technique as long as they remember not to ride an indoor bike the same way they do their outdoor bikes. Whether you are training for an Ironman competition or just trying to stay in great shape be sure to incorporate indoor cycling into your weekly workout routine in order to improve muscle endurance and cardiovascular health. Tons of calories can be burned in just one cycling class and the best part is you can do it anytime anywhere. 

The Annual Kenai Crewsers Rowing Club ‘IditaRow!’ Roworx Will Join In And Row And Race The Alaskan Huskies From Anchorage, AK To Nome

The Kenai Crewsers Rowing Club / Roworx Team ‘IDITAROW’ 2012 to begin Sunday March 4

Participants in the 2012 Iditarow will row on an erg (that’s an indoor rowing machine) in an attempt to cover the 1112 miles to Nome before the winning Iditarod dog team crosses the finish line. Hosted at the REZ, the Iditarow is a fundraiser for the Kenai Crewsers Rowing Club, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Participants in the Roworx 2012 ‘Iditarow’ will row on an erg in an attempt to cover the 1112 miles to Nome, Alaska before the winning Iditarod dog team crosses the finish line. This challenge is FREE and not part of Concept 2 however we will use the Concept 2 website in order to track your meters online and it will be hosted at the Roworx Warehouse And Boathouse locations. Roworx This Year Raised Money For The Kenai Crewsers Rowing Club And Donated A Check Of $140 To The Organization. We Look Forward To Participate Again With More Organized Teams Within The Roworx Affiliation And Have More Rowers Participate To Raise Even More Money!

Rules: Each team member will be allowed to row up to 60 minutes or the equivalent of 1 rowing class per day during the ‘Iditarow.’ Each rower must take two mandatory days of rest or we will drop the lowest amount of meters from your totals at the end of the challenge if you decide to row everyday.

Row Hard And Have Fun!

Contact Jack Nunn at  with any questions about the 2012 ‘Iditarow.’

Roworx welcomes everyone to the challenge as long as you have a Concept 2 logbook online in order to track your meters from class and or workouts everyday. Right now Roworx has 34 active members online. Be sure to create a free logbook at and affiliate yourself through Roworx in the health club division.  Roworx will convert meters rowed to miles and track our daily progress against the leading Iditarod dog team. The “Iditarow” begins on Sunday, March 4th and will end when the first team (human or dog) crosses the finish line at Nome.

Prizes and or awards will be given to the following categories:

*Top Male Dawg

*Top Female Dawg

*Most Determined Dawg 

*Most Inspirational Dawg

*Best Technique Dawg

*Sportsmanship Dawg

*Most Improved Dawg

*Most Competitive Dawg

*Best Team Dawg Players

Since we row in beautiful Long Beach, Ca. I wanted you to all watch something I’ve found on the Internet and remind you that things could always be more challenging and interesting while rowing under extremely cold conditions 🙂  Very Funny!!!

The Time For Good Nutrition Is Now!

Dr. Roy Vartabedian is President of Vartabedian & Associates/ Designs for Wellness, a Health and Nutrition publishing and consulting firm. He is also a Doctor of Public Health, with a specialty in Chronic Disease Prevention from Loma Linda University, and holds Master of Public Health degrees in Health Education and Nutrition also from LLU. He has worked in the field of health promotion and disease prevention for over 22 years, working with patients, managing programs, consulting, and speaking throughout the U.S. and Canada. His landmark publication Nutripoints has been used in a total of 13 countries in 10 languages worldwide. He has appeared on numerous TV and radio programs. Today Show, Live With Regis, and Everyday With Joan Lunden. Articles on his Nutripoints Program have appeared in many publications including Ladies’ Home Journal, New Woman, the New York Times, and the Dallas Morning News. Previously, Dr. Vartabedian worked as Executive Director of Wellness Programs at the worldrenowned Cooper Clinic in Dallas, Texas. There he worked with Dr. Kenneth Cooper to develop the residential lifestyle improvement program on the 30acre Cooper Aerobics Center facility in Dallas, directing the program for 6 years. Before working with Dr. Cooper, he taught Preventive Care at the Family Practice Residency in Florida Hospital, Orlando, Florida for 4 years. There he trained 36 Family Practice doctors how to incorporate Patient Education and Preventive Medicine into their practices, and developed the awardwinning Preventive Care Learning Center, a facility patients used to learn more about how to improve their health and understand their disease when visiting their doctor.

Free Nutrition Seminar: Fueling And Training Your Body For Ultimate Preformance Oct. 28th, 7PM @ The Roworx Studio/Warehouse Location

The Roworx Center in Long Beach Offers A FREE Nutrition Seminar Every Month! Be sure to RSVP and join us this Friday Oct. 28th At 7PM Sharp At 1347 Loma Ave, Long Beach CA 90803. We will enjoy a great night with complimentary food, beverages, and nutrition shakes before and during the seminar. These nutrition smeinars are packed full of important information in order to live a healthier lifestyle. 🙂

Are Vitamins Causing More Harm Than Good?

Throughout most of my life I have been introduced and have taken many different kinds of vitamins and supplements. My father would always take them and I followed his every move and then some. In college my rowing coach in 1999 introduced our team to creatine and told us it was the latest and greatest natural supplement that will help us all get stronger and faster. We all had a huge can of creatine and it worked just like our coach said. I gained about 25lbs and thought most of it was muscle only to discover later that it was water weight and that creatine was actually causing dehydration in my muscles and giving me multiple cramps throughout my body while exercising. Besides the creatine intake I also took many different kinds of protein powder supplements and multi-vitamins. In contrast to what most people say the human body can only absorb so much protein intake per meal. Personally I felt tired and sick more when taking vitamins and supplements then when I did not take them. About 3 years ago I was introduced to Juice Plus and it has changed the way I look at fitness and nutrition working together. I use to think I could just work out more and more and than eat whatever I wanted to in massive amounts. In reality the more you work out, the more your body induces oxidative stress to the rest of the body just like exhaust from a car burning fuel. If you put ‘bad gas’ or ‘bad food,’ in this case into your body than you will be doing more damage inside your body. This repetitive action can lead to many different harmful diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and much more.

FACT: Did you know that beginning Aug.1st 2011 the NCAA has cracked down on vitamins and supplements. Read more here