Jack Nunn Welcomes Everyone to Rowing Warehouse for Cardiovascular Health Seminar August 5

…Learn about a scientifically-proven food plan for
feeling young and living longer

Do you want to learn about new ideas that can
help you take responsibility for your health, then
we invite you to a showing of “Prime Time Health”
by Dr. William Sears, MD and hear about the latest research
for disease prevention and learn why Juice
Plus+® is an easy, affordable and medically
scientific solution.

There will be a 29-minute video presentation
featuring Dr. William Sears, MD,
with Nobel Prize-winning information
not previously seen that will change your life.

THURSDAY, August 5th AT 7:30PM SHARP

Baby Boomers!…Athletes/Non-Athletes Alike
If You are Parents or have Parents…Young or Old
Clean Your Arteries • Prevent Disease • Sharpen Thinking • Boost Energy • Take Charge of Your Life
Inquiries: (562) 212-2951

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