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southbay-magazine-2014Southbay Magazine: Health II, 2014
Like Father, Like Son

When it comes to fitness and competition, Jack is deeply influenced by his father, John Nunn. The 72-year-old won an Olympic bronze medal for the double sculls rowing event at the 1968 Olympics, and Jack still often comes to his father for advice on competitive rowing.

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Rowing to the Top – Jack Nunn is 2013 Fan’s Choice Masters Athlete of the Year

Last year Nunn went on a tear, winning first his age group at the 2013 C.R.A.S.H.-B. World Indoor Rowing Championship satellite regatta in Long Beach, which served as a regional qualifier, and then won the men’s pair, double and four at the Spring Regatta in Long Beach. Rowing with his father, Nunn won the masters B eight and club B eight events at the 2013 San Diego Crew Classic.

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Gazettes on RoworxGazettes: July 1, 2013

A DAY’S WORK: Nunn Aims To Raise Rowing’s Profile

Jack Nunn is a rower.
It’s both his passion and profession, and he said he hopes to inspire more people to take part in the sport through his business Roworx (formerly known as Powerhouse Fitness).

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PT Madsen MediaPress Telegram: June 6, 2013

ROWING: Madsen to begin solo row to Hawaii

The Long Beach Boathouse and Long Beach Rowing Association remains busy after a learn-to-row day.

The Powerhouse Fitness program at the boathouse, run by former U.S. national team member Jack Nunn, has officially changed its name to Roworx and will emphasize the indoor rowing program. Two-time Olympic medalist Joan Van Blom has joined the Roworx staff of instructors.

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Rowing Around Winter WeatherGazette Newspapers, February 3, 2012

ON THE WATER: Rowing Around Winter Weather

There’ve been some really fun things going on this winter at the Long Beach Rowing Association headquarters in the Pete Archer Boathouse on the historic Marine Stadium. And when I say “in” the boathouse, I do mean “in the boathouse.”

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Press Telegram Article Feb 2, 2012Press-Telegram, February 2, 2012

LBRA to get wild, not wet

How do you hold a rowing regatta without any water? One can do so quite successfully if you’re the Long Beach Rowing Association. The LBRA conducts its annual “Beach Sprints” on Saturday at the organization’s Boathouse (5750 Boathouse Lane) alongside the Pete Archer Rowing Center and Olympic Marine Stadium course, a competition in 52 different age and gender categories on the popular Concept2 Ergs indoor rowing machines.

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Press Telegram ArticlePress-Telegram, January 4, 2012

Rowing is growing in local waters

Membership in the 80-year-old Long Beach Rowing Association has steadily increased, and Roworx now has two gyms geared toward the Erg, which is Latin for “work” – sharing one with the LBRA at the boathouse (5750 Boathouse Lane) and another on 1347 Loma Street.

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Group Fitness Classes articleCalifornia Style

Group Mentality: New Fitness Classes in Long Beach Set a Different Tone

Bootcamp meets circuit training for a variety of 60-minute, high-interval classes complete with kettle bells, TRX, wall squats, push-ups, spinning, dumbbells and rowing on Concept2 machines. “People assume that it’s all upper body, but rowing is actually 70% legs, and it burns more calories per minute than most sports.”

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My Local Buzz (Best of LA Fitness) – Roworx from AffinityTV247 on Vimeo.  Visit Roworx on My Local Buzz TV.

sunset magazine articleSunset Magazine, January 2010 Issue

Try a Different Workout
Your chances of becoming an Olympian are probably slim, but hey, you can still train like one.  Roworx offers indoor rowing classes, taught by US National Team rowers on Concept2 machines.


The Gold Coast Newspaper

An interview with Jack Nunn during the Worlds Masters Games 2009 in Sydney, Australia. The article talks about Jack’s experience as a rower and the rising popularity of group indoor rowing.

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7X7 Magazine 2004Let The Games Begin7×7 Magazine

Meet four athletes poised to go for gold in the summer of 2004… This Bay Area magazine article interviews Jack Nunn as he prepares for the ’04 Olympics. “Rowing has gotten me all kinds of opportunities,” he says. “I feel like I owe something back.”

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944 Orange County

Rowing To Success


American Fitness

“Rowing Classes Open Coast to Coast”

A former Olympic hopeful is taking the country by storm with group indoor rowing classes.

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Back To The Body Shop Rowing

For those who enjoy rowing but don’t have the discipline to go it alone, a 50-minute full-body fitness class on rowing machines, is spreading to gyms nationwide.

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In 2000, Cosmo Magazine featured Jack Nun as one of their “Bachelors of the Year.” This “smooth operator” (their words not ours) met his high school girlfriend through rowing.

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