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Anyone Can Row… All Levels Are Welcome

Central to the Roworx philosophy is our focus on teaching an efficient, safe rowing stroke. Anyone can get a workout by moving back and forth on a rowing machine. At Roworx, you will learn to use the machines the way Olympic rowers do. You will maximize your efficiency, protect your back from injury, and see results sooner. Each class, from beginner to advanced, begins with a warm-up and includes a short focus on the “drill of the month.” Anyone can do it! Our instructors will make sure that you are consistently maintaining good technique. We also offer a Foundations class for new rowers who would like some extra focus on the basics of the rowing stroke. (not required)

Row on CONCEPT 2

The World’s Best Rowing Machine

The Concept2 Rowing Machine was developed almost 30 years ago by Olympic hopefuls Pete and Dick Dreissigacker. My father, John Nunn, is actually friends with the owners when he was training for the Olympics in the 60’s and 70’s for the USA. The stationary rowing machine, also called an ergometer or “erg” for short, replicates the feeling of being in an Olympic rowing shell on the water. Air resistance against the flywheel allows rowers to control their own workout. The harder they pull, the tougher it gets with better technique and the more meters are covered per stroke.

Today’s Concept2 Indoor Rowers are found in almost every health club, home, and school around the world. Every single Olympic training center around the world uses the Concept 2 rowing machine in order to get the most accurate readings on times and distances. The standardized performance monitor makes it easy for anyone to compare times with themselves, with their teammates, and even with World Champions.

Rowing Fitness — The Most Efficient Exercise!

Rowing is a total-body sport which builds both cardiovascular endurance and strength through repetitive resistance training. Few other sports can provide the total body benefit that rowing does. Rowers create their own resistance on the machine, and your class will be as intense as you want it to be. Anyone can do it! You row at your own pressure/resistance. Our instructors will make sure that you are on pace with the group, and will take you through various workouts. A basic 45 minute workout includes a warm-up, a few drills for technique, the “body” of the work (i.e. intervals, short races, or pyramids), and a cool down.

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