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Rowing Classes

Indoor Rowing Classes

BPM Row™

BPM stands for “beats per minute” rowing! This fun workout will involve rowing to the beats per minute of the music! Everything goes in this class so come prepared to sweat and burn major calories! We will spend more time focusing on technique which makes it the perfect class for the first-time rower, or the experienced rower who wants to work specifically on improving their form.

Row N’ Burn™

Similar to BPM row, this advanced class includes testing yourself for time and/or distance. This class will meet your strengthening goals and will be a great class for weekend warriors and everyday people who want to be fit and strong.

Through the use of Olympic rowing workouts and circuit training, Row N’ Burn participants of all levels will see significant changes in their lean-muscle tone and improvement of all physical aspects of their daily lives.

Row N’ Coach™

Ian will share his pas­sion for rowing and he wants to see you hav­ing a happy and successful rowing experience at Roworx. Ian has a unique one on one type of rowing class, which can get your rowing stroke almost, perfected in just one workout. With over 10 years of successfully coaching, mentoring, and guiding rowing classes the value of his experience here at Roworx is amazing! This class is recommend for all levels of rowers who want to practice and have a better rowing stroke.

Row N’ Core™

This fun workout will involve personalized technique on the rowing machine as well as core strengthening workouts during the program! Try it out Thursday mornings, 9:15 at the Boathouse! Or Tuesday and Wednesday mornings at the Warehouse (Tuesdays at 9:30 and Wednesdays at 6:00 am).

Ab Workouts and the Core ARC

Our ab workouts will never be the same… After just one core altering workout you will be eagerly anticipating the future of your midsection.  Although challenging, this workout will leave you confident about the progress of your ab toning!

Reminder: If you feel like the arc is uncomfortable on your back make sure to bring a towel to offer more support so you don’t have to skip your workout!

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