How To Setup And Layout Your EVO Indoor Cycling Studio

Start Your Own Evo Indoor Cycling Studio 

Have you thought about opening your own Indoor Cycling Studio? The Relay Fitness Group and Jack Nunn can help. Even if you already own a cycling, yoga, and or fitness studio we have the resources to better streamline your business while reducing costs and building class sizes at the same time! Relay Fitness has proven solutions and a quality brand with the Evo Indoor Cycling Bike that will simply improve your profit without all the maintenance of traditional indoor bikes. If you’ve instructed a cycling class for any amount of time, you’ve probably run into a situation where one of your indoor cycles was out of commission due to a faulty component. If your class is full, that missing bike means one less person enjoying your killer indoor cycling session!

Indoor Cycling is still on the rise and the most popular group fitness class in the world. Group cycling has been around in various forms since 1980’s and there are over 2 million people that participate in some kind of indoor cycling class. Over  70%  of the 5,000 plus clubs tracked by IHRSA (the leading health club trade organization) provide cycling classes, making it the most popular group class that is offered today. It seems like every fitness company these days is developing their own indoor bike and group class format. Indoor cycling is a great business if you do it right. Jack Nunn is partnered up with Relay Fitness Group in order to help you build and grow a cool new indoor cycling business in your community while having fun at the same time! We will help you plan, train, and implement a proven established indoor cycling class layout that everyone will love while making your clients healthier and happier faster with the dynamic full-body training system that the Evo bike utilizes.

Indoor Cycling

There are many indoor cycling programs that are taking place, however most all of the companies that create their own bikes also have other larger multi-purpose equipment as well consequently spreading themselves too thin on implementing programming and training. At Relay Fitness the Evo bike is the only exercise equipment they produce and have spent years in development and research on this very unique and effective bike. Evo indoor cycling studios are coming soon to a fitness center near you. The Evo Fitness Bike was designed by three engineers that witnessed (and have now corrected) the most common breakages and issues that commercial gyms run into with indoor cycles. Their decades of experience have helped them eliminate the need for constant belt or chain adjustments, simple worn-out components like adjustment knobs, and have also led to the development of a durable and innovative sway frame that can add a new dimension to your training sessions!

Setup Your Evo Indoor Cycling Studio

A Natural Ride, Indoors. If you’re ready to increase your cycling performance without the time requirements and safety hazards present in road cycling, you need an indoor cycle that gives you the same feeling and benefits as your bike does. The first Evo Cycling Studio is featured at Roworx in Long Beach. Owner Jack Nunn began teaching indoor group cycling classes in 2005 after training on the US National Rowing Team from 2001-2005. Cycling was a huge part of Jack Nunn’s cross-training for rowing and he took his experience to the classroom in Los Angeles. Roworx is a well established business that continues to grow and thrive. In January of 2010 Roworx opened 2 locations and is modeled directly after Jack’s favorite studio in Los Angeles where he began teaching in 2005. A single purpose cycling studio works extremely well and have refined and developed the Evo cycling model so it can be replicated by fitness centers anywhere in the world! Take advantage of what Relay Fitness and Jack Nunn have learned over the years in product design and implement an awesome group cycling class that can be fun for everyone. Relay Fitness will customize an indoor cycling program for you that will save you a tremendous amount of time and money.

Layout Of  Your Cycling Class

The layout of an indoor cycling class should look like a semi-circle around the instructor preferably with mirrors on all sides of the room if possible. Lights should be dimmed and music turned up. The instructor needs to have easy access to the stereo and volume, bass, treble, and pitch controls. The instructor also needs to have a good wireless microphone in order to lead members during the class. A foam piece needs to be utilized to protect the microphone from sweat and moisture. The foam piece will also to hide most of the static and heavy breathing that comes from the instructors mouth. Jack Nunn has designed a piece of furniture in order to place all the stereo equipment and to help maximize the best experience for the instructor to play their music while being comfortable during class. The instructors bike should be lined up in a bit of an angle so that people can see and follow the instructor moving the on the bike and display different positions for the best riding experience.

The Top 10 Things To Think About Before While You Set Up Your Evo Indoor Cycling Studio

1) Membership and cycle punch cards for each class or included in your clients membership

2) Operation of the classes: Schedule of classes. Make sure to schedule classes at the optimal times during the day. Before 7am and after 6pm are usually the most ideal times for classes.

3) Maintenance of the bikes: The Evo Fitness Bike doesn’t just look different, it is different. The unique cantilever frame reflects the ingenuity behind the key advantages of this indoor cycle: the beltless, chainless internal gear drive system and the sway frame. These features mean less maintenance headaches for you and better workouts for your clients.

4) Class marketing: Indoor cycling class marketing! Thanks to the innovative belt-less and chain-less Orb gear drive system, you get the feel of inter-meshing gears, similar to the feeling of rubber hitting the pavement. Add in the RAMP sway frame, and you get a natural, full-body pedaling motion that helps you avoid throwing off your natural riding motion.

5) Studio space requirements. The Evo Indoor Bike has a relatively small imprint and takes up minimal space in relation to other bikes therefore you can fit many more of these bikes in a much smaller space.

6) Instructor recruitment: Make sure to hire certified instructors that have at least a couple of years experience. Cycling instructors need to have high energy to keep the class interested and intrigued. The classes should flow nicely and be fun!

7) Music: Good music with energetic beats is probably one of the most important aspects of planning your cycling class. Listening to Radio Metro on the internet as well as subscribing to SiriusXM Radio will help you stay tuned with the hotest best tracks in the music industry today. The BPM and Electric Area stations on Sirius XM radio are some of the best stations to listen to while designing you indoor cycling playlists.

8) Promotions and newsletters: Jack Nunn and the Relay Fitness Group have put together a FREE E-Book about the advantages of using the Evo Cycling Bike and other great to use while working out.

9) Advertising and email marketing: Grow your clientele and popularity by using Facebook and Twitter to spread the word of fitness and cycling. Jack Nunn, Roworx, and the Relay Fitness Group will work with you in order to grow your business and cycling class.

10) Partnership marketing: While using the Evo Indoor Cycling bikes in your studio you will have the advantage of being having one of the most exclusive workouts ever on a bike.

*The Evo Fitness Bike is a revolutionary indoor cycle that has a multitude of innovative features that appeal to cyclists, spin gym owners, and fitness enthusiasts. If you’re looking to provide your customers with something more unique than the 10+ identical indoor cycles they see everyday, you need to check out the Evo Fitness Bike. The Evo Fitness Bike features a patent-pending, belt-less, chain-less gear drive that is completely internal. This means less maintenance and more savings. It also features a unique sway frame that pivots 10 degrees each direction. This allows for a more natural riding motion that engages the core and upper body. Find out more.

*Each proposal is totally customized depending on your needs, we have a variety of options and different kinds of bikes to choose from. If you would like to hear more about the Evo Indoor Cycling Program and classes please contact Jack Nunn at or call 562-688-1716 for more information.


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Jack Nunn

Jack Nunn is the head trainer and owner of Roworx. Jack is a former national team rower who has competed in more than 100 triathlons, including 9 full Ironmans. He has created a system of rowing that prepares the whole body for both competition and fitness longevity.

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