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Ironman 140.6 Inaugural 2016 Vineman Race Report

Vineman Blog bike coverIronman Vineman: A Legacy Of Tradition And Now The Future Of Ironman Events  

Over the last couple years I have heard more and more people talking about the Vineman race in Sonoma county and now since Ironman took it over and bought the rights to the race in 2016 I decided to be one of the first athletes to sign up. Ironically this would be my first full Ironman race on U.S. soil as the previous 6 Ironmans I competed in took part overseas and in Mexico. The Ironman circuit has offered so much opportunity over the last couple years as I have moved up in the ranks from a Bronze AWA medalist to this past year in 2015 a Silver AWA medalist earning a little more respect along the way. I am also the 2015 Clydesdale 220lb+ National Champion and still hold the fastest time in the Olympic Distance event in Grand Rapids Michigan. This would be the first major race under my new sponsor, Red Ace Organics as they outfitted me with a spectacular new race suit and more!


Jack Nunn Featured In Organic Spa Magazine

jack roworx new 1An Ironman and Triathlon champion—and U.S. National Rowing Team Medalist—shares tips on how to stay motivated

From Organic Spa Magazine June 2016 Issue 

By Rona Berg

Rowing classes are on fire at exercise studios around the country. A full-body workout, rowing burns up to 800 calories per hour, it’s low-impact and it’s fun. We asked Jack Nunn, an international rowing, triathlon and Ironman champion, and founder of Roworx ( to share workout tips and ways to stay motivated.

jack row cover

Jack And John Nunn Featured In Rolling Hills Living Magazine

From Rolling Hills Magazine February Issue 2016

jack row sbAthletes Of The Month

For John Nunn, rowing has been more than a sport; it’s a life-long legacy he’s been able to share with his son. John was introduced to the sport of rowing 55 years ago at Cornell University. There he was fortunate enough to be coached by Harrsion “Stork” Stanford, who was a teammate of Al Ulbrickson at the University Of Washington. The two both became rowing coaches: Al at the University of Washington, and Stork at Cornell.

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LBJC Men’s Rowing Team Competes In Germany

Izak Epstein

Published In The January 2015 Issue Of  The Long Beach School News Roll Call And Written By Jack Nunn, Owner Of Roworx Indoor Rowing Classes, Boot Camp, And Yoga At The Long Beach Rowing Association.

This past summer Izak Epstein, Luke Khoury, and Allen Reitz represented both Long Beach Junior Crew and the United States of America at the 2014 Junior World Rowing Championships in Hamburg, Germany. Just one week after winning a National Championship in the Men’s 8 the trio set off to make the USA Junior National Team: Allen for his third time, Luke for his second, and Izak for his first. While Luke and Allen set off with LBJC head coach Tom Graves to prepare to trial the 2- (a dream for the duo), Izak headed east to Pittsburg, Pennsylvania attending a selection camp of 30 athletes competing for 14 spots. Allen and Luke went on to win trials and trained at the Craftsbury Outdoor Center in Vermont in anticipation for Worlds. Izak made top 14 and went on to train at Princeton where he ended up stroking the 4-. What had been a thrilling season filled with hard work and dedication continued as the three teammates met up in Germany ready to compete. Luke and Allen finished 17th in the 2- and Izak finished 10th in the 4- after a truly extraordinary year. “These are the experiences that Izak Epstein 2you will remember for the rest of your life.” said Izak as he remains grateful to all the people that helped him to achieve success: his coaches Nick D’Antoni and Tom Graves, his family, and especially his teammates who he says “push each other to [their] limits.” Allen Reitz is currently a Freshman at Stanford University, Luke Khoury is a Freshman at the University of Washington, and Izak is a senior at Long Beach Poly deciding between Stanford University and Yale University. Jack Nunn, from the Roworx Fitness Center In Long Beach, has had the privilege to oversee and offer advice to all the Long Beach Junior Rowers throughout the years and has recently given some advice to Izak Epstein on rowing in college. Jack rowed under coach Craig Amerkhanian as a freshman at Cal Berkeley in the first ever undefeated 1998 rowing season. Craig was hired to coach the men’s crew team at Stanford due to his tremendous success from coaching numerous national championships at UC Berkeley. Jack also rowed under Steve Gladstone for the Varsity Rowing program at Cal Berkeley and won 3 Pac-10 Championships along with 2 US National Championship Victories. Steve Gladstone has recently been hired to coach the Varsity program at Yale. Since Izak is deciding between Stanford albjc 4nd Yale, Jack has given him his insight on both schools and rowing programs with their coaches. Either way Izak Epstein decides he is in for a unique opportunity to row under some of the best U.S. collegiate rowing coaches of all time.

Update:  Izak Epstein has decided to travel to Yale in order to row under Steve Gladstone. Gladstone is one of the premier rowing coaches in the United States. Gladstone helped produce 11 National Championship Wins between his stints at Brown and UC Berkeley before his arrival to the Yale rowing program. 

For More Information On How To Get Your Children Involved In Junior Rowing Either On Or Off The Water Please Contact The Long Beach Junior Crew Organization At  Or Contact Keith Johnson At 

If You Would Like Indoor Class Lessons On The Concept 2 Rowing Machine Or For Those Interested In Rowing Class Workouts Please Visit Or Contact Jack Nunn at

Location For The Long Beach Junior Crew And Roworx Indoor Rowing Are At:  Pete Archer Rowing Center, 5750 Boathouse Lane, Long Beach, CA 90803


Eugene Katchalov: How CrossFit Changed My Life

eugene crossfit

Eugene Katchalov used to live a very unhealthy lifestyle. Being a professional poker player, he used to sit around a table for more than 10 hours a day eating nothing but unhealthy processed food and drinking alcohol. Things turned around, however, when he found out that he was being considered to play the lead role in the Ukrainian version of the reality TV show The Bachelor. In order to look good on TV, he knew he had to change his lifestyle.

“I realized it wasn’t going to look too good if I was overweight on the show, and I wanted to increase my chances (of being picked),” Katchalov said. “In the end, I didn’t get selected…but at the same time, I felt so good and I saw so much progress even in just three or four weeks that I really wanted to keep going.”

Eugene’s discipline is what makes him a winner at the poker tables. He would play for 12 hours a day, studying different techniques and would only stop when he was satisfied with the results of his training. Losing weight can be difficult for some people but it wasn’t for Eugene, who used his disciplined mind to dedicate himself thoroughly to his fitness goals. Sometimes, he’d ask his fellow professional poker buddies to make prop bets in order to keep himself inspired in his pursuit in losing weight.

In order to prepare for The Bachelor, Eugene included CrossFit in his daily regimen. He regularly underwent strength and conditioning programs consisting of gymnastics, weight training, and aerobic exercises. He spent hour-long classes at gyms, with the help of his trainer Lincon Rodrigues, and did high-intensity workouts followed by a period of individual stretches.

CrossFit gyms use equipment from several exercise disciplines, including pull-up bars, jump ropes, and dumbbells. The high-intensity workout is what helped Eugene quickly get in shape in just 14 months. In that period of time, he lost 63 pounds and has since then bulked up by 13 pounds.

“Now when I’m at the poker table, I feel like I have much more concentration, much more energy, and I just feel healthier and more mentally aware,” Katchalov said.

Eugene Katchalov is a member of the prestigious Team PokerStars — a group of professional poker players owned by Canadian Gaming Company Amaya Inc. Amaya Inc. used to own, InterCasino, one of the biggest UK-based companies that serves online poker, slots, and blackjack. Eugene’s latest big win was at the European Poker Tour in May 2, 2015 where he went home with $23,452.

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School News Roll Call And LBJC: Emily Harris And Her Journey To Row At LMU

 Emily HarrisPublished In The May 2013 Issue Of  The Long Beach School News Roll Call And Written By Jack Nunn, Owner Of Roworx Indoor Rowing Classes, Boot Camp, And Yoga At The Long Beach Rowing Association.

‘Gently down the Stream’—not! Emily Harris comes from Rossmoor, where she attends Los Alamitos High School. She began rowing in the fall of 2009 and currently competes for Head Coach Alfredo Montenegro and the Long Beach Junior Crew Club. Emily’s most memorable race to date was paling 26th out of 85 boats in the Junior 8+ at the 2012 Head of the Charles Regatta. She participated in most sports and activities like soccer, swimming, Junior Lifeguards, softball and dance. Her best sport by far was softball, and she made All-Star every year she played. She had good speed for her size and hit with power and pitched, but she just didn’t enjoy it. Her father, Mike Harris, suggested she try rowing because of her size and love of the ocean, and it worked out. She has been to the very prestigious Head of the Charles in Boston twice and has rowed for four years with the very successful Long Beach Junior Crew Team. She has always done well in school and is always on the honor roll. Emily has been recruited by Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles and will be rowing for them next year.


3 Rowing Machine Cardio Workouts for Strength and Endurance

Story Featured On The Daily Burn

by Alex Orlov on 1/19/2015

jack 11Cold weather forcing you to take your fitness indoors this winter? If you’re tired of the treadmill, step off that beaten belt and try a more stimulating endurance challenge rowing workouts.

“If you take the time to learn rowing technique, it’s one of the best exercises you can do for cardio,” says Jack Nunn, former member of the U.S. Under 23 National Team, US Rowing Masters 2013 Athlete of the Year and owner of Roworx, an indoor rowing training facility in Long Beach, CA. The low-to-the-ground, long machine engages your legs, back, core and arms, delivering an intense full-body cardio experience. Best of all? Rowing won’t put as much stress on your knee and hip joints as running does, meaning that this type of training is ideal for people of all ages, sizes and walks of life.

jack row 9Whether you’re ready to vary your gym routine or to row with more confidence during your next CrossFit WOD, we’ve got expert tips on how to maximize your rowing potential, plus three workouts that can torch up to 700 calories each, says Nunn.

Rowing: The Basics

While most people think rowing requires mostly upper-body strength, it’s actually all about the legs, says Nunn. Like a golf swing, the legs and hips do most of the work for creating power during a rowing stroke. In fact, the movement is similar to an explosive power clean in weightlifting that uses your entire body. You begin driving with your legs, engage the muscles in your back and core, and then follow through with your arms, explains Nunn.

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home2The Set-Up

Just like any piece of gym equipment, it’s best to get acquainted with how the rowing machine functions before you go full speed ahead into a workout. Nunn recommends that beginners do three things when they sit down on a Concept 2 rowing machine.
lowhigh1.Adjust the foot straps. “Make sure the strap goes across the ball of your foot,” says Nunn. If your feet are placed too high, your legs will also be placed too high, meaning you won’t be taking full strokes. The improper leg position will set you up for an awkward and inefficient stroke. Adjust the foot stretcher where you rest your feet either up or down a few pegs if the fabric strap isn’t lying in the correct spot.
2.Check the damper setting. Located on the right side of the circular flywheel on a Concept 2 machine, the damper setting is a plastic lever that controls how much air is in the flywheel. Setting the damper to 10 will feel like rowing a heavy boat and will require the most “work” per stroke, while setting it to zero will feel like rowing a sleek, light boat and will require less energy per stroke. You can also think about damper setting like gears on a bike, explains Nunn. “For beginners, you want to make sure the damper setting is anywhere from four to six,” he recommends.
3.Understand the monitor. The square display is a powerful tool that will give instantaneous feedback during your workout. But with so many possible metrics to use, it’s important for beginners to limit themselves to just the essentials. Two numbers Nunn suggests focusing on are stroke jack row 12rate (strokes per minute, located in the upper right of the screen) and watts (a measure of workout intensity). A good first goal: Consistently hit your bodyweight (in pounds) in watts, says Nunn.

The Warm-Up

To get your body warmed up and ready to row, Nunn suggests a 10-minute “Pick Drill.” To pick the stroke apart and wake up the muscles, you’ll begin with simple, partial movements and then work up to the full rowing motion.
1.Start with your legs straight, body in an upright position, elbows bent so the handle is pulled fully into your chest. Keeping your back and legs straight, extend your arms away from your body, reaching towards your feet, then bring them back to the original position. Shoulders concept 2 machineshould remain relaxed. Repeat for two minutes.
2.Next, engage your back. After you extend your arms forward, hinge forward slightly at the hips. Then, keeping your spine neutral, reverse the motion by leaning back from the hips once your body is fully upright, as you pull your arms and the handle into your chest. Repeat for two minutes.
3.Warming up your legs comes next. After you extend your arms and hinge forward from the hips, bend your knees slightly so your seat rolls halfway towards the flywheel, and your arms extend forward past your feet, grasping the handle. Reverse the motion by pushing with your legs first, then leaning back and finally pulling your arms into your chest. Repeat for two minutes.
southbay-magazine-20144.Time to take a complete stroke! You may now bend your knees fully so your shins are perpendicular to the ground and your heels lift up slightly. Repeat for four minutes.

The Workouts

Ready to row? Try one of these three conditioning sessions suggested by Nunn. And we’ve got some good news: You don’t even need to time your own intervals. All three of these workouts are pre-programmed in the monitor of the Concept 2 rower. Read the tips below, do the 10-minute Pick Drill above, then cue up your routine by choosing “Select Workout” from the main menu, then tapping “Custom List” on the phf-16rowing monitor, and picking your poison.

Rowing Workout 1: HIIT Sprints (30/30r in Concept 2 menu)

phf-18If you’re short on time, these high-intensity intervals will give you a quick sweat fix. Improve your strength and explosive power in just 20 minutes (not including warm-up or cool down). You’ll burn roughly 300 calories in total, says Nunn. Keep your stroke rate between 26 and 32 and always be in control of how fast your legs are moving.

home1Rowing Workout 2: Pyramid Power (v1:00/1:00r in Concept 2 menu)

Try this intermediate challenge to improve endurance and consistency with your rowing. For each interval, aim to keep the same workout intensity, or pace. You can check this by looking at watts or by changing your units to “time per 500 meters” on the display. Be warned: Just iditarow 5because you’re rowing and resting for the same amount of time doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy! Your hard work will burn roughly 450 calories.

Rowing Workout 3: Lean Leapfrog (v1:00/1:00r in Concept 2 menu)

Compete against yourself during these aggressive bursts. While most rowing workouts are aerobic, this one is designed to be anaerobic. Similar to a weight lifting session, you’ll exert your muscles enough to produce lactate, which leaves you with that burns-so-good feeling. Ultimately, an anaerobic rowing machine session will help you increase your power output and endurance because you’ll be forced to tap into the strength of your legs. While paying strict attention to your stroke rate, try to maintain or increase your meters rowed during each “on” minute. This challenging row is 40 minutes and will burn roughly 700 calories, says Nunn.



Healthy Snacks Combined With Juice Plus

snack secretDo You Want To Know 3 Top Secret Ways To Drop At Least 5lbs In A Couple Of Weeks To Start Off Your New Year In 2015?

It turns out that the advice I’m about to give you is more of common sense rather than ‘top secret’ but I will share this information with you… ready?

Here it goes..

#1 Stop eating fast food and/or processed foods!

Start taking Juice Plus 😉

#2 Stop drinking soda. Diet, regular, monster, red bull… Stop! Start drinking MORE water! Lots and lots of water every single day!

snack alcohol#3 Stop drinking alcohol… or at least in moderation.

Try going without alcohol for a few weeks and see how great your body will feel.

In today’s fast-paced society, healthy food choices are harder to come by due to time constraints. Many hardworking individuals end up resorting to unhealthy food choices such as candy bars or fast food restaurants. Nutrient-dense, quality foods can be made in minutes before leaving the house with a little bit of planning; and can be packaged in small bags or containers without the need for refrigeration. These snacks can serve to manage hunger responses throughout the day, and at the same time diminish unnecessary caloric consumption brought upon by psychologically-driven appetite.

snack 2Healthy snacks should be easily-accessible and can be stored in the car, desk drawers, bags etc. It is important that food choices have a healthy combination of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Be sure to keep packaged snacks in the caloric range of 150-200 calories; this will help satisfy hunger and maintain blood glucose levels to limit overconsumption.

The following food items will help you manage your hunger in today’s fast-paced world:

snack jpJuice Plus+ Complete Nutrition Bars: provide balanced nutrition on- the-go. Our variety of delicious Wholesome Grains + Cranberries and Spiced Apple + Raisin bars are not only tasty but packed with protein and fiber to help you replace empty calories with healthy ones. Low-glycemic, gluten free, non- dairy and 100% vegan – Complete Nutrition Bars deliver a perfect snack for any diet.

Juice Plus+ Complete: is a whole-food-based beverage mix that provides balanced nutrition in every scoop. Juice Plus+ Complete can be used in any number of ways: as a healthful “on-the-go” breakfast, pre-exercise snack waterenergy drink, post-workout recovery drink, or a late night snack. This combo comes with two pouches each of delicious French Vanilla and Dutch Chocolate Complete flavors.

snack green teaGreen Ice Tea: A calorie-free beverage doesn’t qualify as a real snack, but if you find yourself scouting the kitchen just because you’re bored, rather than hungry, this tasty drink may just hit the spot. Plus, green tea has been shown to help dieters lose more weight, according to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, thanks to its metabolism-boosting antioxidant compound called EGCG.

Edamame: One cup of edamame, or boiled soybeans, contains 17 grams of protein, 8 grams of fiber, and 189 calories. A perfect snack all by itself! Serve hot or cold, season with salt, and enjoy.

Sunflower lentil spread with pita bread: Lentils are a good source of iron, a metabolism-boosting nutrient that 20% of us don’t get enough of. This savory recipe makes four 180-calorie servings, with 10 grams each of protein and fiber.

snack avaA Can Of Tuna: Tuna (packaged in water) is another great source of lean protein plus healthy Omega-3s. For about 200 calories, you can enjoy 3 ounces of light tuna and 6 whole-wheat crackers—complete with 3 grams of fiber and 20 grams of protein.

Eat more Avocado! Avocado-eaters are 50% less likely to suffer from metabolic syndrome, a collection of health measures that predict your risk of heart disease, stroke, and type-2 diabetes. It makes sense that avocado eaters would get more of the good stuff found in the fruit, like monounsaturated fat, vitamin K, folate, potassium, vitamin E, lutein, magnesium, vitamin C, and vitamin B6.

snack trailCorn vs. Flour tortillas: Corn has nearly half the calories of flour, Corn has twice as much fiber than flour, Corn has three times the amount of magnesium than flour which helps sustain healthy muscle tissue, Flour has three times the amount of fat than corn, and last but not least corn has very low sodium in comparison to flour tortillas. Verdict: Eat more corn!

Trail Mix: Create your own combination by mixing dried fruits with no added sugars, and any assortment of nuts. You can also try some pre-packaged snack options, keeping in mind to watch for sugars and fats per serving.

Fresh Fruit: Apples and bananas do not require refrigeration and can easily be carried on-the-go. They are also nutrient-dense and rich in fiber.

snack grainWhole-Grain Sandwich: Almond butter spread on whole grain bread provides a good source of protein and fiber. Sandwiches can be cut in half or fourths and eaten as a snack throughout the day.

Whole-Grain Cereal: Cereal is a great snack option for busy schedules as most whole-grain cereals are high in fiber, protein and micronutrients. However, individuals should be mindful of adhering to appropriate serving sizes and steer away from high-sugar products.

LBJC main

School News Roll Call And LBJC: Nick McCutcheon Rows To The Top

Nick McCutcheonPublished In The May 2011 Issue Of The Long Beach School News Roll Call And Written By Jack Nunn, Owner Of Roworx Indoor Rowing Classes, Boot Camp, And Yoga At The Long Beach Rowing Association.

Nick McCutcheon does not look like the typical heavyweight rower, standing about 5 feet 11 inches and weighing in at about 185 pounds. But Nick can pull ahead of most rowers, due to his determination and desire to succeed. Nick started rowing in January of 2009 with Long Beach Junior Crew, coached by Jack Nunn. He experi- enced almost immediate success on the team. In the 2009–2010 season, Nick had one of the top junior Concept 2 Indoor Rowing Machine 2,000-meter test scores in the country, com- pleting the event in just six minutes and 17 seconds, faster than the qualifying time for the US Junior National Team. The following year he served as team cap- tain, and that summer Nick was one of the 40 US rowers to be invited to the Junior National Team Selection Camp.

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