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Tamara Sachs, M.D. is a specialist in Functional and Integrative care from New Medford, Connecticut. She graduated with honors from the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York and completed her internship and residency in Internal Medicine in 1988 at Saint Raphael Hospital and Yale New Haven Hospital. She studied Naturopathy in France for three years and also worked as an Emergency room doctor for four more years before starting her private practice in 1991. She is currently a graduate member of the Institute of Functional Medicine and has over a decade experience in clinical nutrition. She has served on numerous medical boards, including the Scientific Advisory Board of, the National Coalition for Women with Heart Disease.



The follwing notes were taken from Roworx at Tamara Sachs event on January 13th at The Atrium Hotel in Irvine, Ca.

What is the meaning of DETOX:

The fact is… we actually ‘Detox’ everyday. Our bodies are constantly excreting energy from food and making waste in return… we do this all the time. There are an average of 96 chemicals found in our bodies at any given point of our lives. However, through good nutritional manipulation we can rid the body of most of these toxins and overcome genetics.

                                           Excess Toxins Vs. Nutritional Intake

We need to minimize toxins taken into the body everyday in order to battle chronic fatigue, pain, and other multi-system illnesses. Too many toxins in the body can lead to memory loss, ringing in the ears, mood swings, negative effects on speech, and even cancer. Toxins have many toxicities: Free radicals intake, direct DNA damage, blockage of important enzyme systems and mineral functions, and causing our muscles and joints to become inflamed. Our body reacts to these toxins by using up lots of energy just to keep stable everyday!

Precautionary Principle Law … Europe Vs. U.S.A.

What About Organic Foods?

Organic gardens: 20 of 29 fertilizers contain carcinogenics! For example: KFC has the highest levels of carcenegenics. Lead in Cocoa. Lead in Red Lipstick!

Low levels of chemicals in the body may have a reaction and are ironically more harmful effect than lower levels.

*Xeno Biotics act like or block hormones. Petrochemicals, Teflon, BPA… found in reciept paper, Parabens in bathroom/ shower/ lotion products, and swordfish are all sources of bad chemicals that can enter the body very easily!

Animals/ Mammals

*Frogs and fish are having an increasing number of birth defects.

*Testicular cancer is up 60% from 50 years ago!


Decrease overall exposure of toxins and provide a complete balanced nutritional support. Support a healthy GI tract!



What Can We Do To Fight These Chemicals?

Have Good Effective Liver Function And Eat More Chrolophyl, Cruciferous Veggies, And More (9-13 servings)  Raw Fruits And Vegetables And Take Juice Plus… The Next Best Thing To Fruits And Vegetables!!!

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