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Top 5 Ways To Prevent Stress Fractures, Sprains, And Strains

 strain 2My goal is to run and train for a marathon this year

… Sound familiar?

This is probably the most common statement I hear from individuals who are looking for a new year’s resolution in order to get them moving again and working out. This can be a very invigorating and motivating goal to attain. However, most people end up training too hard while not listening to their bodies and in the process get stress fractures, sprains, and strains. Here is a list of my top 5 ways to prevent stress fractures, sprains, and strains throughout the body during certain types of high impact exercise:
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Exercising With An Injury

Texercise through painhe idea of exercising while being injured is generally a bad idea because you can always make the injury worse. However, for active people and athletes training daily, the effects of resting or being inactive for an extended period of time can lead to a rapid loss of strength and endurance. Endurance athletes have shown a decrease of nearly 30% in physical performance in as little two weeks. Furthermore, at a resting state of only two months can leave an individual/athlete back to their original untrained platform. Following these statements, next time an individual thinks about stopping physical exercise completely; think about modifying your workouts first. For lower body injuries think about using the Concept 2 Rowing Machine and/or a Evo Indoor Cycling Bike which causes virtually zero impact on the joints. Try referring to the Roworx Indoor Rowing workouts or the TriCore Indoor Cycling workouts in order to get the most out of your training time. These cardio machines will cause much less stress on the joints and will help you strengthen your core and help you get back stronger from your injuries faster than you thought possible. Research has shown strength and power gains to those individuals who exercise the muscle groups opposite to their injuries. For example, for a mid to lower back injury try training your core and abdominal muscles in order to help support your back.

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Jack Nunn Is The 2013 Masters Athlete Of The Year

jack 11Published On The US Rowing Website, The 3rd Annual Golden Oars Event Broacher, And The Long Beach Grunion/Gazette November, 2013

Jack Nunn’s Long Beach, Calif., rowing and fitness training center, Roworx, was doing well until the economic downturn began cutting into his business. Nunn operated two locations, one inside the Long Beach Rowing Association boathouse and at a second location in a warehouse in downtown Long Beach where he taught indoor rowing and indoor cycling. When he started, his business called Power House Fitness and as he began to lose clients he decided that the way to bring them back was to do something inspiring. So he began training for an Ironman competition. Nunn is the son of 1968 Olympic bronze-medalist John Nunn, and rowed at Long Beach Juniors, the University of California at Berkeley, the United States Under 23 National Team, and the United States Senior National Team.
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School News Roll Call And LBJC: Logan Carter Displays Hard Work And Determination

school news loganPublished In The Oct-Nov 2013 Issue Of The Long Beach School News Roll Call And Written By Jack Nunn, Owner Of Roworx Indoor Rowing Classes, Boot Camp, And Yoga At The Long Beach Rowing Association.

Coming into the sport of rowing, Logan Carter had no idea what to expect. Many great rowers have some illustrious family history within the sport. In Logan’s case, all he knew was that rowing meant water. But once he started rowing, he dove right into the whole experience head first. Under the guidance of his coaches, Val Stepanchuk, Nick Trojan, Thomas Graves, Logan improved his training regimen, including correct weight-lifting technique, beneficial erg workouts, and cross-training exercises with Jack Nunn from Roworx Indoor Rowing And Fitness. Through countless hours at the boathouse, he earned a spot in the Men’s Varsity Quad with the Long Beach Junior Crew and an opportunity to compete at US Rowing Youth National Championships.
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Good Fat vs. Bad Fat

muscle vs fat 1Throughout the following blog I will display another reason why there is yet another good reason to start an exercise program. There are new scientific research studies that prove exercising throughout the day can modify the activity in which a fat cell is stored in the body. The two different kinds of fats in the body are easily described as ‘white’ fats and ‘brown’ fats. The white fatty tissues in the body seemed to be less metabolic in the human body. One study showed that when an individual was exercising on a daily basis there was a ‘browning’ effect in the fat cells which caused it to be much more metabolic. This browning effect of the fat cells caused by exercise suggests that it is associated with increased glucose uptake, improved body composition, decreased fat mass, and increased insulin sensitivity. Furthermore, even if you are not losing weight while exercising, the positive effects of physical training lead to the brown fat to be more metabolically active throughout the body.

The Power Of Group Exercise And Working Out Together

jack 2Roworx Indoor Rowing, Bootcamp, and Yoga Classes are in full ‘swing’ in Long Beach, CA at 5750 Boathouse Lane. Recently, there have been more and more members displaying huge success stories with weight loss, better nutrition habits, higher energy levels, and muscle endurance and tone. Most of the members at Roworx in Long Beach are seeing these results in less than two months of participation since beginning the group classes! Nearly half of the Roworx members attend these group indoor rowing, bootcamp, and yoga classes an average of three to four times per week at the Boathouse location. The power of group exercise was how Jack Nunn, Owner of Roworx, got started in the field of group instruction. Jack was burned out by long hours and training alone most of the time while trying endlessly to make the US National Rowing Team year after year. After a couple years of disappointing finishes and losing by .034 seconds to make the 2003 World Championships, Jack needed motivation to keep moving forward and stay in shape. Jack’s father John Nunn always conveyed the notion that ‘anyone can work out on a good day, it’s the bad days that get you and wear you down and make you want to stay in bed.’ However, with group training and instruction you are held accountable while working out with friends that drive your motivation, give you a variety and make it fun while learning better technique in any activity you do.
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Powerhouse Fitness Is Now ROWORX Indoor Rowing!

roworx 1At ROWORX we have the high quality and quantity of highly trained fitness professionals with us. Over the last couple years we have had at least 5 different Olympic Rowers teach our indoor rowing classes at Powerhouse Fitness. This is what ROWORX strives for, excellence in fitness and nutrition. Most trainers/instructors have qualified certifications but only a few have the actual high level of fitness experience to really get you motivated to train and be at your best. phfit-logo[1]I have always believed you need to practice what you preach and in fitness if I have an overweight trainer guiding me through a workout I’m not going to be motivated at all. If I had an Olympian training me I would be honored and encouraged to work harder than I ever thought possible. Knowing what it takes to become an Olympian and being involved with the National Team for any sport is incredible. In my opinion the amount of hard work and training it takes to be recognized to be on the U.S. National Team is still harder than completing all 3 of my Full Ironman competitions combined. The difference is you have to qualify yourself to be recognised as the best. Many trainers will do an extreme competition just to say they did it and anyone can sign up. Being an Olympian, the few and far between, and having the honor to be trained by one is a chance of a lifetime. Take that opportunity and train with us at ROWORX in Long Beach and see what everyone is talking about.
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Small Group Specialized Training With Roworx vs. The Big Gym And Other Personal Trainers

Roworx Flyer 1It’s becoming personal and these days it’s the battle of the fitness centers … Big Gym vs. Small Gym!

I came across something very interesting the other day as I was walking around Long Beach. Several larger fitness centers offering low membership prices but with an added extra cost for classes. Over the past 10 years of being involved in the fitness industry in California I’ve noticed smaller gyms and fitness centers gaining more and more popularity. Specialized workout centers such as my own (Roworx) are opening their doors to inviduals who want a better workout and more qualified instructors. I realize that even though I am a small business owner going head to head with bigger more commercialized gyms I am no way giving a biased opinion…just an honest one. I want to lay down the facts for people who compare our prices and our facilites. I am here to state the facts and the pros and cons of becoming a member at either facility. You can make the decision yourself on what you think is best or ‘worth’ your time as you exercise.
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F.A.S.T.E.R. A New Online Virtual Indoor, On-Water Rowing, And Or Ski Erg Coaching Analysis By Jack And John Nunn


adj. fast·er, fast·est
1. Acting, moving, or capable of acting or moving quickly; swift.

QUESTION: What’s better than getting coached by an Olympian?

ANSWER: Try being coached and having your rowing stroke analyzed by a real Olympic Rowing Coach, John Nunn (1976 U.S. Olympic Men’s Rowing/Sculling Coach).

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