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From Fit To Fierce

What do Cameron Diaz, Mathew Macconahey, Madonna, and Ryan Reynolds all have in common? Yes, they are all celebrities and went from ‘fit to fierce’ in a matter of weeks. Some highlights from each one of these stars and advice they give to the general public about taking charge of their nutrition and everyday active lifestyle.

first hit the movie screen in Mask opposite Jim Carey. Now she is an establish Hollywood A-lister in her own right, fronting films including There’s Something About Mary, Shrek, The Holiday, The Sweetest Thing and What Happens in Vegas, with a body envied by woman and wanted by men. Well into her thirties Cameron Diaz looks to take care of her body and health with a mixture of diet and exercise. Cameron Diaz started out as a model – so she has always been thin and tall. However, her body turned from slender to toned during training for Charlie’s Angels. Each day Cameron and the other Angels (Lucy Loo and Drew Barrymore) would be put through their paces in order to become comfortable with the martial arts fight scenes that littered the film. Since then Cameron Diaz has taken her exercise seriously.

The Cameron Diaz Resistance Workout

To tone her legs and butt Cameron Diaz concentrates on lunges and piles squats. Both exercise target the quads, hamstrings and glutes. Not only that but exercising the legs also allows Cameron to promote muscle grow and tone not just in her legs but also her upper body. To tone her arms Cameron Diaz will do a number of exercises in any given workout, including:






*Pull ups / Pull downs

*Medicine ball work

And Last But Not Least….

**Boot Camp, Rowing, and Cycling Classes As Seen At Roworx 🙂

Middle-Aged Elite Athletes Train For The Olympics And Beyond

There have been more stories on athletes who are making a comeback in sports or just training and succeeding in athletics well into there 40’s and 50’s. Low-Impact sports such as swimming, rowing, and cycling are activities that you can do practically your whole life. I want to talk about 3 athletes in particular that have defied the odds of age in highly competitive sports.

In a recent article in the Life Section of USA TODAY on August 15th, 2011 Janet Evans is one of those athletes making a comeback in the world of competitive Olympic swimming. Four-time Olympic gold medalist Janet Evans took 15 years off from competitive swimming as is training again as she nears 40. Evans’ efforts “shows us we don’t really know yet how long people can compete at top levels. It gives all of us incentive to keep pushing and learning about the possibilities.” National Athletic Trainers’ Association

Read more about Janet Evans in USA Today here:

Honorable Mention: At the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Dara Torres beat swimmers half her age, winning 3 silver medals at age 41! In June, French cyclist Jeannie Long-Ciperwlli, Age 52, gained her 58th national title. She, too, is considering the 2012 Games in London.