Jumpstart 120

Roworx logoNEW Roworx Membership Option For Everyone Looking To Improve Fitness And Nutrition Goals Sooner!

“Jumpstart 120 Program” Membership Includes:

Sessions throughout the Jumpstart 120 Program include any combination of the following: Indoor Rowing training and technique sessions throughout the unlimited fitness classes offered at Roworx.

There will be fitness testing and video analysis to keep you motivated. Fitness and nutrition training and coaching through weekly emails. The emphasis in each training session is determined by the needs, goals, and progress of the individual.

Jumpstart Your Fitness Now!

jumpstart 120One-on-One Personal Fitness & Nutrition Coaching / Training By Jack Nunn Is Now Available At Roworx

With this in mind, one-on-one coaching from Jack Nunn at Roworx provides structure, guidance, and support to help the individual meet and exceed their personal goals of fitness and nutrition training. Through assessment, goal setting, and the proper implementation of training, Roworx and Jack Nunn work with the individual to improve their overall fitness and performance.

Jumpstart Your Health with Proper Nutrition

The 4-month Jumpstart membership package also includes a 4-month supply of Juice Plus! The USA Olympic Gymnastics, Water Polo, And Rowing Teams Are Taking Juice Plus!

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These Doctors recommend Juice Plus because of the Scientific Studies behind the product.

  • Jim Sears “Everything you eat is either good for you or bad for you. It’s that simple.”
  • Richard E. DuBois, M.D. “Eat whole foods and take Juice Plus+.”
  • Mitra Ray, Ph.D. “Juice Plus+ provides a nutritional ‘safety net’ for everyone.”

Jumpstart Your Fitness with Coaching from Jack Nunn

jack 2Former U.S. National Team Rowing Member And 3-Time International Ironman Competitor Jack Nunn will use his skilled expertise in rowing and  nutrition knowledge from all of his coaches during his rowing career with weekly emails to share with you and get you motivated.

The most influential coaches in Jack’s life have been the following:

  • Jack’s father, John Nunn (68′ Bronze Medalist Rowing And 72′ Olympic Rowing Coach)
  • Jack’s former US Junior National Team Coach, Todd Jesdale — listed as being on the best High School coaches in America.
  • Jack’s former college rowing coach, Steve Gladstone. Cal and Brown, Gladstone’s boats won 11 IRA National Championship titles in the varsity rowing event.
  • Jack’s former US National Team Rowing Coach, Mike Teti. He coached the U.S. men’s eight to 9 world championship medals.
  • Jack’s Former US National Team Sculling Coach, Kris Korzeniowski. He has been coaching internationally for more than 30 years, and won multiple medals at the world championships and Olympic Games.
  • Jack’s Former US National Team Sculling Coach From Penn A.C., Ted Nash. He was listed as one of the best club coaches in America.


Contact Jack here to find out how to begin this journey and get all of this for only $250 per month.

Jumpstart Your Fitness Now!

120 Days (4 Month Commitment to Membership)

*Added Bonus* Just for joining I will give you a free EVO indoor TriCore cycling DVD that can be used on any indoor bicycle. Use this DVD as a training tool in order to ‘jumpstart’ and motivate yourself throughout your own workouts at home! $50 value… Free!

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