Exercising With An Injury

The idea of exercising while being injured is generally a bad idea because you can always make the injury worse. However, for active people and athletes training daily, the effects of resting or being inactive for an extended period of time can lead to a rapid loss of strength and endurance.

Endurance athletesexercise through pain have shown a decrease of nearly 30% in physical performance in as little two weeks. Furthermore, at a resting state of only two months can leave an individual/athlete back to their original untrained platform. Following these statements, next time an individual thinks about stopping physical exercise completely; think about modifying your workouts first. For lower body injuries think about using the Concept 2 Rowing Machine and/or a Evo Indoor Cycling Bike which causes virtually zero impact on the joints. Try referring to the Roworx Indoor Rowing workouts in order to get the most out of your training time. These cardio machines will cause much less stress on the joints and will help you strengthen your core and help you get back stronger from your injuries faster than you thought possible. Research has shown strength and power gains to those individuals who exercise the muscle groups opposite to their injuries. For example, for a mid to lower back injury try training your core and abdominal muscles in order to help support your back.
For a quadriceps muscle strain or sprain try exercising your hamstrings more. If you can modify your workouts and find ways to train while having an injury you will end up feeling much better than if you stopped working out altogether. Your overall attitude and mood can change even faster into a more lethargic and depressed state even after a couple days of not training. When you train through an injury or harder times that are not convenient it may be very uncomfortable but in the end you will feel a sense of accomplishment that you came out on the other side rehabilitating faster than ever before. I have personally had two orthoscopic knee surgeries on the same knee and the doctors both told me to try and get moving as fast as possible. Rapid strength loss can occur immediately and a exercise through pain 2doctor who knows what he is doing will tell you to get back on your feet as fast as possible in order to regain strength, balance, and muscle endurance. Joints like movement and the more you can keep them moving the more fluid moves around and promotes as lubrication to the joints. This is the same reason why when you sit for too long you always feel stiff. An individual who is in motion usually stays in motion. An individual who is at rest usually stays at rest. Growing up as an athlete and rower I truly have to give an amazing testament to the sport of rowing. There are numerous individuals including my father (Now 71 years old) who can row their entire lives. My father, an Olympic Bronze Medalist in 68’ and Olympic Rowing Coach in 76’ took up running after his rowing career was over. He ran 7 full marathons and countless 40-50 mile weeks in training. Standing at 6’6 and weighing in over 220lbs, my father was punishing his joints, knees, and hips on a daily basis with extreme impact. After years on strain and impact my father now has very bad knees and hips. There was a picture taken a few years ago from a rowing race my father participated in when he could barely walk and had to use a cane because of his left hip. However, he could row without discomfort and raced to a gold medal finish in several of his races at the Master’s Rowing Nationals. This is simple evidence as to which you can participate in many low-impact sports like rowing, cycling, swimming, and cross country skiing in order to extend the longevity in which you can do the sport and still get an amazing total body workout.

Another massive aspect in speeding up the recovery process while exercising with an injury points to practicing good eating habits and getting at least 10-15 servings of fruits, vegetables, and berries in your system every single day. The best and easiest way to get more servings of fruits and vegetables in your system everyday is by simply taking Juice PLUS+®. NSA committed years ago to ongoing support of independent scientific research to demonstrate the effectiveness of Juice PLUS+® to be sure that it is packed with good, whole food nutrition. This is done as a routine part of the manufacturing process. The analyses show that Juice Plus retains much of the important nutrition of fruits and vegetables. Vitamins are not enough in order to maintain a healthy and exercise through pain 3active lifestyle. New clinical studies are actually pointing to the ineffectiveness of vitamins and how they can actually damage the body instead of helping us throughout daily activities. People need to start thinking about getting back to the basics and ingesting more fruits and vegetables instead of going for the ‘quick fix’ with vitamins and ‘synthetic’ supplements when it comes to eating healthy.

Juice PLUS+® checks two major factors of effectiveness inside the body:

(1) That the vitamins and phytonutrients in Juice PLUS+® are absorbed and used by the body.

(2) The effects of Juice PLUS+® on our bodies.

All the studies have been published in peer reviewed scientific journals. Abstracts and full study reports can be viewed on the journal websites.

25 clinical studies published in important international scientific journals demonstrate that:

exercise 6– Juice PLUS+® delivers key phytonutrients absorbed by the body Investigators studied the bioavailability (absorption by the body) of select nutrients found in Juice PLUS+® and concluded that Juice PLUS+® effectively increases antioxidant nutrients and folate.

– Juice PLUS+® reduces oxidative stress. Several of these studies which included various aspects of nutrient bioavailability also reported improved antioxidant enzyme levels, plasma antioxidant capacity and reduced lipid peroxides, a key indicator of oxidative stress. In addition, researchers found that Juice PLUS+® Fruit, Vegetable and Vineyard Blends together were effective in reducing a marker for oxidative stress associated with aerobic exercise.

– Juice PLUS+® helps maintain a healthy immune system and DNA integrity Published clinical research indicated that Juice exercise 7PLUS+® supports several measures of immune function; studies conducted have shown a reduction in DNA damage after taking Juice PLUS+® in the law students and in an elderly population.

– Juice PLUS+® positively impacts several key indicators of cardiovascular wellness Clinical study reported a reduction in homocysteine levels even though they were already within an acceptable range before. Researchers also found a reduction of homocysteine levels in subjects with elevated levels of homocysteine; researchers found that subjects who consumed Juice PLUS+® were better able to maintain the normal elasticity of arteries, even after a high-fat meal.

– Juice PLUS+ contributes to skin and gum health

The publications demonstrate that Juice PLUS+® has a beneficial effect on various markers of skin health, such as microcirculation, skin density and skin thickness; and may help improve periodontal health.


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Jack Nunn

Jack Nunn is the head trainer and owner of Roworx. Jack is a former national team rower who has competed in more than 100 triathlons, including 9 full Ironmans. He has created a system of rowing that prepares the whole body for both competition and fitness longevity.

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