Jack Nunn Leads Cycling Classes With The Evo Fitness Bike At IHRSA 2012

Evo Fitness Bike at IHRSA 2012

 On February 23, 2012 (Costa Mesa, CA) – IHRSA, the International Health, Racquet & Sports Club Association, was holding an expo and trade show in Downtown Los Angeles on March 14-17, 2012. Relay Fitness Systems is one of three hundred exhibitors that will be on hand displaying and demonstrating the latest commercial fitness gear, including the commercial Evo Fitness Bike cx and mx models. “This will be the first opportunity for the public to see the brand new commercial versions of the Evo Fitness Bike,” stated Marko Vujicic, CEO of the Relay Fitness Group and former designer/ employee at Star Trac which produces the well-known popular Spinner bikes. Marco asked me, Jack Nunn, to head the EVO Fitness Indoor Cycle Program in order to show everyone that you don’t just have to be a cyclist to enjoy the positive effects of indoor cycling fitness. I believe in cross-training in multiple activities in order to accomplish your goals sooner. That’s why I thoroughly enjoyed riding and teaching class on this bike during the IHRSA Fitness show. I found that with the ‘swaying’ motion on the Evo Indoor Bike it actually forces the average rider to use his or her upper body regardless the experience of their riding technique. If you are an advanced cyclist you may want to focus on making the bike ‘sway’ more smoothly as opposed to a careless more aggressive ‘sway’ that the novice or average rider might experience. Either way I have experienced the ‘swaying’ motion as a benefit to all cyclists while using your upper body and core in order to control the motion of the bike. Whether your at home riding for recreation or in a group cycling class setting the individual will be forced to learn good technique from the special innovative design of the bike. One might even be distracted in a positive way to make the swaying motion a more smooth transition from side to side. This would be another fun aspect of the bike in order to challenge yourself to become a more efficient rider and literally shake the routine of the standard indoor cycling bike. Marko states that “These reinforced indoor cycles have even more features than our consumer versions; they are ideal for the commercial fitness setting.” The Relay Fitness Group currently distributes the consumer and light-commercial models of the Evo Fitness Bike, the i and ix, at over 50 locations across North America. The commercial indoor cycles, the Evo cx and mx, were specifically developed to meet the strict demands and standards required by heavy-use, commercial settings. Just like the consumer models of the Evo i and ix Fitness Bike and the commercial Evo cx and mx models. All of the bikes feature the patent-pending Orb Planetary Drive System, a revolutionary indoor cycle that utilizes a chain-less and belt-less internal drive. The ix, cx, and mx bikes feature a unique frame sway feature called RAMP™, Rolling Articulating Mounted Pivot, which allows the indoor cycle to sway 10 degrees to either side. Exclusive to the commercial versions of the Evo Fitness Bike are more advanced computers, an optional hybrid or race style seat, reinforced frame and components, and a pivot locking feature. These additions were created to meet the demands of indoor cycling instructors and the heavy use requirements of commercial gyms and studios. The standard computer featured on the consumer Evo ix model shows time, distance, and RPM. The Evo cx Advanced computer shows the same readout with the addition of a rider’s heart rate facilitated through a chest strap. The top of the line Evo mx Advanced+ computer shows time, distance, RPM, heart rate, calories, and watts. Watts are a unit of measurement used in cycling to measure power output while riding. Watts were added to the Evo mx due to the overwhelming demand of indoor cycling instructors who use the measurement to enhance their classes. The consumer versions of the Evo Fitness Bike have only one seat option, a hybrid style seat that is especially comfortable in the upright position. The commercial versions of the indoor cycle come standard with a race style similar to those seen on other brands used in indoor cycling classes. They can also be purchased with the hybrid seat instead or both seat styles. All of the Evo indoor bikes have a pivot locking feature that enables or disables the RAMP™ sway frame. This simple switch can be controlled by a rider to lock the frame into a typical indoor cycle configuration, or allow the Evo Fitness Bike to rock as they ride. The swaying motion allows riders to pedal using a more natural, full body motion that engages the core and upper body while challenging the rider’s balance at the same time.

The Orb™ internal flywheel and brake system ensures a safe, low maintenance ride in a sleek new look that adds a touch of high-class elegance to Roworx! Relay Fitness has thought of everything while putting this bike together. Check out the other useful aspects of this revolutionary EVO Bike!

InfiniteFit™ Handlebars

Each Evo Fitness Bike comes with a standard, specially designed set of handlebars that allow for the four most commonly used hand positions. They also feature holders for two large water bottles and a center platform for smart phones. By incorporating the input of outdoor and indoor cyclists, the InfiniteFit™ Handlebars are ideal for all riders. In my opinion, the handlebars are the best I have seen compared to all of the other bikes out there. There are so many different ways to adjust the handlebars in order to fit all ranges of cycling experience.

Easily Adjustable Seat

The Evo Fitness Bike features a high-quality, durable seat that is both comfortable and easy to adjust. The seat is designed to fit every rider, not just hardcore cyclists. However, if you need to have a racing style seat, it is an option on the Evo cx or Evo mx models. The locking mechanism is much easier to maunever and function than the typical ‘pull th pin and screw in option.’ This allows for safer and quicker adjustments in any cycle atmosphere. Both style seats are extremely comfortable and effective for the best possible riding experience.

Durable Steel Frame

The Evo Fitness Bike frame is made with an innovative cantilever design that has gone through rigorous static and dynamic testing. Each bike is highly constructed in order to handle up to a 350lb individual. Other bikes are getting lighter while the EVO holds it’s own and stays safe on the ground with it’s extremeley stable oval platform while giving you the security to sway away on the bike with comfort and ease. Many other bikes I have tried actually start hopping around on the floor because they are too light and unstable. While lifting up on the back part of the cycling stroke I often lift the bike up off the ground while out of the saddle. This is not realistic in real cycling nor is it safe to the cyxlist or instructor while trying to teach class. It becomes unsafe and distracting to everyone that uses bikes that are not grounded in weight. The EVO weighs approximately 140lbs!

EVO Computer

The EVO Computer comes in three different variations depending on the Evo Fitness Bike model. These include Basic, Advanced, and Advanced+. The EVO Computer delivers all the information you need. Time, RPM’s, Distance, Heart Rate, and Watts for selected Cx and Mx EVO Models. In my opinion the EVO really scores points on this aspect of the bike. The Computer is positioned in line of sight straight ahead of you and in the direction of the instructor if you were to take a cycling class. The position of the computer promotes good technique and gives the individual an easier time to focus on the instructor during class and keeps the individual from looking down too much. You will develop stronger neck and shoulder muscles while having to have good cycling posture with the computer faced directly in line of sight in front of you 🙂

Crank & Pedal System

The Evo Fitness Bike crank and pedal system has a versatile design that accomodates both cycling shoes and standard gym shoes. The extra durable cranks can withstand almost any amount of force you can dish out. And with the use and angle of the swaying technology the cranks will not wear out or break as easily as most bottom brackets would on other bikes. This solves a huge problem for mainteance issues with most gyms looking at holding more than 90 group cycling classes a month. These bikes will be able to take a beating without the typical wear and tear of other indoor cycling bikes!




No Chains, No Belts, No Problems

The Orb™ Planetary Gear Drive System has a compact, single axis design that negates the need for a belt, chain, or external flywheel. It is a completely enclosed, three piece crank with an aligned sun gear.

Low Maintenance and Safer Operation

As any indoor cycling studio can attest to, fitness bike maintenance can be a time-consuming, messy, and expensive issue. The Orb™ has no exposed pieces that could be subjected to corrosion and there’s no need to worry about broken or loose belts or chains because there are none! The lack of exposed, moving pieces also means it’s safer for anyone walking in front or behind you when you’re exercising.

You Don’t Have to be On the Road to Feel the Road

Unlike most indoor cycles that rely on belts and chains to drive a flywheel, the Orb’s intermeshing planetary gear system creates a realistic feel and vibration that mimics riding a bike on concrete. This has led many cyclists to claim that the Evo Fitness Bike has the most realistic feel. Combined with the natural swaying motion facilitated by the RAMP™ feature, riding an Evo Fitness Bike is both fun and authentic. This bike really feels as if you are on an asfault or concrete road feeling slight vibrations from the gears of the orb rotating underneath you.

Relay Fitness Group had indoor cycling classes at Booth #2161 on Friday, 3/16 at the IHRSA 2012 Trade Show. If you’re looking for an awesome workout with Jack Nunn on the most revolutionary indoor cycle available, Roworx will be the place to try it. Beginning April 1st, 2012 Roworx will be hosting Indoor Cycling classes on the Evo Indoor Cycle Bikes 🙂

Don’t miss your chance to get a great workout and get hands-on experience with this revolutionary new piece of gear! Find out more about the Evo Fitness Bike

 Workout with Trainer Jack Nunn! Jack Nunn is the NEW spokesperson and head trainer for the Relay Fitness Group. He’s also the owner of Roworx, a specialty gym in Long Beach. With 15 years experience on the bike, two Full Ironmans (with a third coming up this year in Cozumel, Mexico), and over 5,000 indoor cycling classes taught, Jack knows how to get your heart pumping on the Evo Fitness Bike!

Find out more about Jack and his own team of instructors at his Long Beach Fitness Center at Roworx

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Jack Nunn

Jack Nunn is the head trainer and owner of Roworx. Jack is a former national team rower who has competed in more than 100 triathlons, including 9 full Ironmans. He has created a system of rowing that prepares the whole body for both competition and fitness longevity.

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