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Roworx will be offering anaerobic style workouts every week in order to challenge everyone and mix up the daily rowing workout routine. This style of class offered throughout various Roworx Fitness classes and will give you an effective anaerobic high intensity interval training (H.I.I.T.) fat burning workout.

RoWorx Indoor RowingRoworx indoor rowing is the perfect workout for those who are training hard and looking for the next level of fitness. Whether you are training for the indoor races coming up in the beginning of the year or just trying to improve your strength and endurance this is the perfect lung-leg-fat-burn-workout.

High And Harder

It’s easy for the general public to say that rowing looks easy when they see rowing during the Olympics or at a local race in Long Beach Marine Stadium. Sometimes I get people who tell me they want to learn how to row because it looks so ‘peaceful’ and ‘relaxing.’ I try not to overreact when I hear this and respond with the fact that rowing is actually one of the hardest most demanding muscle-endurance sports of all time. A normal 2,000 meter race consists of approx. 240 strokes and developing a proper training program is the key to getting in the best shape of your life and the best time on race day! Maximum strength and strength endurance cannot be trained at the same time, since the adaptations to each stimulus affect each other negatively. This is why I want to do periodized training in this specific rowing class. Studies have also found that rowers/athletes need to focus their efforts to achieve significant gains. In other words, to see improvements, you would need to do a at least two maximum endurance/strength-training sessions per week. By arranging workouts in these Friday morning classes into blocks of training every week, your muscular system will be stimulated to adapt in the targeted area. Endurance/strength training is defined by a large number of repetitions preformed at high to moderate intensity. There will be considerable strength and endurance gain in this class as well as a very successful psychological training effect. Rowers and athletes alike need to push through pain and fatigue in order to finish each interval/set properly and this demands intense motivation that I will give during this class. The exhaustion you will experience in these endurance/strength training workouts will also closely resemble what you will experience when you race.


Frappe Fridays

On top of a great workout every Friday for the next 4-5 months you will also be rewarded with a FREE Nutritional Protein Shake After Class. Vigorous exercise without raw plant food and protein on a daily basis results in:

*Your Body’s Premature Muscle Tissue Failure

*Premature Failure Of Your Internal Organ Tissues

*Breakdown Of Your Immune System

*Inflammation And Reduction Of Your Respiratory Capacity

*Pre-Mature Aging 

*Increased Cortisol Production, Resulting In Reduced T-Cell Activity

*Raw Fruits And Veggies Preserve Our Potential For Future Gains

*D.O.M.S. (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) Is Significantly Reduced By The Consumption Of An Abundance Of Raw Plant Food Or

Juice Plus+Notes: NSAIDS (Advil/Motrin) result in accelerated oxidative stress, free radical damage, and systemic inflammation. Vitamin supplementation also do nothing to prevent heart disease, cancer or systemic inflammation. In fact, continued use of isolated vitamins have been shown to increase inflammation and oxidative stress and impair athletic performance. (Journal of the American College Of Sports Medicine, Science and Exercise, 2004). Furthermore, isolated vitamins have been shown to shut down the health-promoting natural oxidative response to exercise (cellular adaptation to exercise)…our body’s natural ability to fully ‘Rise’ to athletic demands.

Juice Plus+ , On the other hand has been proven (through the largest body of peer-reviewed published research in history) To: Balance the immune system, reduce oxidative stress, protect DNA, positively impact key indicators of cardiovascular health, and improve athletic performance!

Many of my favorite and intense UC Berkeley and U.S. National Rowing Team workouts will be utilized in this class. You will learn many ‘tricks’ in order to improve your time and speed on the rowing machine!

*Make sure to read last year’s Blog Beach Sprints 2011: Advice from Jack Nunn how to row/race your 1st 2000 meter Indoor Race and visit my Facebook Fan Page to get more news and great music for your workouts:) I plan on going to the CRASH-B Indoor World Rowing Championships this year held in Boston, MA in order to race as well as coach Suzy Toms (A very talented Long Beach Junior Rower) and Jill Ammirato (Roworx Member). The 2012 C.R.A.S.H.-B. Sprints will be held Sunday, February 19. Registration will likely not open until sometime in mid-December 2011.  Until then, please peruse the 2011 Regatta for a general feel for the regatta. Please check back for further updates regarding the 2012 Regatta including online Registration, schedules, events, hotels, etc. Follow CRASH-B World Indoor Rowing Championships on twitter and facebook so you can receive up to the minute notification of new information.

Other races that I will be racing in this year are The San Diego Indoor Championships, The Peninsula Indoor Rowing Championships, and possibly either The Arizona Indoor Championships or Central California Indoor Rowing Championships depending on the dates. Roworx is in the process of also having an indoor race of our own!!!

Jill Ammirato, had only been rowing for four months when I discovered what kind of power and drive she had I immediately got excited.  With the combination of the Roworx program Ammirato took the erg with a flight to Boston in mind. A little more information about Jill can be found in this following article in the Long Beach Gazette..

By Kelly Garrison Features Editor

When 60-year-old indoor rowing rookie Jill Ammirato met coach Jack Nunn, she was no world champion — yet. “We (developed) this running joke that she was my mom,” Nunn said. “She had red hair and was about the same age. I didn’t know her when we started our training.” Six months and several competitions later, the Long Beach resident placed fourth at the Indoor Rowing World Championships in Boston, Mass. — an unexpected feat, she said, for a retired physical education teacher who had started the sport with no prior experience. “I’m just excited to do something at my age that I couldn’t do as a kid,” she said. Throughout her life, Ammirato said she struggled to find a sport in which she excelled. The California State University, Long Beach, graduate said she had always enjoyed working out, but even with a family of established athletes, had never discovered her true calling. “My family all had something they had some success in,” she said. “I figured it was my turn.” Plus, she was looking for a way to stay in shape. So when she heard about the Long Beach Rowing Association’s Rowbics Indoor Rowing program, she signed up without hesitatiion. “It was right in my backyard,” she said. “It’s an awesome program for anyone of any age, and it’s such a great workout.” The sport requires participants to compete on machines in an effort to finish races in the shortest amount of time possible. As a child growing up in Antelope Valley, Ammirato said she had few such opportunities, since schools didn’t cater as much to girls’ athletics. Later, her career as a high school gym teacher fed her competitive spirit until her recent retirement, she said. “I always wanted to be active with the students,” she added. “When I retired, I started looking for a way to workout. But a trial run early on showed her she had the potential for much more, so she opted to try and qualify for a championship. For weeks, she trained to compete in the Beach Sprints at the Pete Archer Rowing Center. “I thought, ‘There’s got to be a technique to this,’” she said. “I started getting my time down by 10 seconds each (practice).” “I taught her little tricks I’ve used throughout my life to manipulate and get better scores,” Nunn explained. “I gave her advice as far as, ‘Don’t fly and die,’ where people tend to stop in the middle of a race. You always want to finish hard, so that’s what she did.” In January, the night before the sprints, Ammirato — who had just returned from a trip to Costa Rica — had no recent training and was suffering from both jet lag and an ear infection. As a result, she said, she didn’t qualify for further rounds. There still was hope. Two weeks later, during a qualifying round in San Diego, Ammirato earned second place and an opportunity to partake in the Indoor Rowing World Championships in Boston, Mass. It was there, several weeks later, where she placed among the top indoor rowers. “I didn’t know how to read the monitor to see who was winning,” she said. “All I could hear was Jack saying, ‘Go! You can do it!,’ and the crowd roaring.” “That was the first time I had felt so happy about someone else,” Nunn said. “I finally understood the coaches who go nuts when people do really well.” To find out more about Roworx Indoor Rowing Center Inc. and it’s Zumba, Spinning, and Bootcamp Classes, visit


* In the link below the video shows me racing in the San Diego Indoor Sprints against J.D. Morgan in 2009 (A former rowing star from UC San Diego.. He stands 6’7 wieghing in around 230lbs)

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Jack Nunn

Jack Nunn is the head trainer and owner of Roworx. Jack is a former national team rower who has competed in more than 100 triathlons, including 9 full Ironmans. He has created a system of rowing that prepares the whole body for both competition and fitness longevity.

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