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The Drive, Passion, And Power Of The Long Beach Junior Crew Men’s Program

hoc 4Published In The February 2014 Issue Of The School News Roll Call And Written By Jack Nunn, Owner Of Roworx Indoor Rowing Classes, Boot Camp, And Yoga At The Long Beach Rowing Association.

The Long Beach Junior Crew Men’s program has not traditionally been a formidable team to race against. For the past decade or so, with the exception of a few crews, the men’s program did not surmount to many achievements in high level regattas. For the past three years though, the Long Beach Junior Men’s Team has been chipping away at one of the nation’s largest regattas. The Head of the Charles regatta in Boston, MA. usually pulls the top crews from around the United States, Canada, and England come to this regatta and compete making it to the largest rowing race in the world. In 2011 the Long Beach Junior Crew Men’s Team placed 10th in the men’s 4 with coxswain category and the year following we placed 5th. By 2013, there were four seniors in the boat including the coxswain: in stroke seat was Allen Reitz (Long Beach Poly High School 2014), three seat Luke Khoury (Woodrow Wilson High School 2014, University of  Washington at Seattle 2018), two seat Izak Epstein (Long Beach Poly High School 2015) bow seat Jared Arat (St. Francis High School 2014, University of California at Berkeley 2018), and coxswain Liam Erlich (Long Beach Poly 2014). That’s right! All four Juniors have received full ride scholarship to these amazing universities because of the sport of rowing and the excellence of the Long Beach Junior Crew Program and it’s high ranking coaches! Stroke seat Allen Reitz quoted before he left for the regatta,” I had been to the Head of the Charles three times now, and with all of the oarsmen in the boat with row 7variations of National Team experience this has to be, and is going to be the year where Long Beach will take home the gold.” The competition though was not going to be easy to overcome, they were up against the two time champion defending crew from Sarasota, Florida and some other top crews from the East Coast and Canada. They knew the racing was going to be cutthroat. The most influential idea their coach, Tom Graves and Nick Trojan informed us was to remain confident throughout the whole race,” it’s going to feel like it is out of control half way through the race, and that’s because it will be out of control. But the best thing you guys can do is to keep your heads down and row as hard as possible to the 15 or so minutes.” The team knew that we could win the race, the deciding factor in the end was going to be who will execute the fastest, most well put together boat for that morning- and the Long Beach Junior Crew Men’s Team came out on top. Many people mistake the importance of coxswains in racing, although they could not be more misinformed especially in a head race such as the Head of the Charles. With other boats of all speeds in the way of the best possible course for our boat the coxswain and fearless leader, Liam Erlich really shined. He had no fear of possible collisions and his, ”recklessness” of course handling played a major part in the victory of our crew. Winning the Head of the Charles in Boston was a major accomplishment for the Long Beach Junior Crew, it’s Coaches and everyone that was involved in making this success happen. It really has set the Junior Rowing program in Long Beach on the right foot. Even though it was a huge regatta with large amounts of prestige, it was only the tip of the iceberg for regattas coming up this season and it helped the Juniors gain confidence for what’s ahead. Trusting the training LBJCand always working hard, getting after every practice is what’s going to make them very competitive this year and beyond in college.

For More Information On How To Get Your Children Involved In Junior Rowing Either On Or Off The Water Please Contact The Long Beach Junior Crew Organization At  Or Contact Keith Johnson At 

If You Would Like Indoor Class Lessons On The Concept 2 Rowing Machine Or For Those Interested In Rowing Class Workouts Please Visit Or Contact Jack Nunn at

Location For The Long Beach Junior Crew And Roworx Indoor Rowing Are At:  Pete Archer Rowing Center, 5750 Boathouse Lane, Long Beach, CA 90803

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Top 5 Things To Coach A Rowing Team While On The Water Or On Land


jack 3I have been in touch with a few rowing coaches over the years and I want to touch on the top 5 ideas I’ve learned while rowing in order to get the most speed out of an individual on the Concept 2 Rowing Machine and or team boat. Let’s start with on the water rowing and the top 5 things to focus on while gaining more speed in a boat.
Here are my Top 5 drills, ideas, and applications to use while rowing on the water in order to optimize top speed:
#1. Focus On Rowing In Small Boats Throughout The Fall Rowing Season
Start rowing in pairs and fours if you can for the entire fall season. If you have the fleet or can get a bunch of pairs together to row in everyday this will drastically improve the boys ability to row. It will force them to row with great technique and skill. If you can race in pairs this is the best way to ‘Seat-Race’ because you can’t hide in a pair like you can in a four or especially an Eight. Rowing a pair will tell you and the rower exactly what they are doing wrong in the boat and how to balance.
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F.A.S.T.E.R. A New Online Virtual Indoor, On-Water Rowing, And Or Ski Erg Coaching Analysis By Jack And John Nunn


adj. fast·er, fast·est

1. Acting, moving, or capable of acting or moving quickly; swift.

QUESTION: What’s better than getting coached by an Olympian?

ANSWER: Try being coached and having your rowing stroke analyzed by a real Olympic Rowing Coach, John Nunn (1976 U.S. Olympic Men’s Rowing/Sculling Coach).

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Rowing With Crossfit: Power Is Nothing Without Proper Technique

As an ambassador of rowing, Owner of two Roworx Centers In Long Beachson of an Olympic Rowing Coach Father and Olympic Bronze Medalist, I have been in very close association with Concept 2 it has been an adventure coaching and training many people how to row with proper technique. I was invited to the CrossFit Games Qualifier held at the Orange County Sheriff’s Training Academy in Tustin, California on April 18 and 19, 2009. The organizers of the CrossFit regional introduced me as a 4-time Collegiate National And Pac-10 Champion At UC Berkeley, 2001 Worlds Silver Medalist, 2002 US Nationals Silver Medalist, National Team Rower From 2001-2006, and Two-Time International Ironman Competitor. They recommended that any of the competitor’s at the regionals could ask for rowing advice from me as I was sent to help as a volunteer/coach for the rowing event. They also referenced my Father, John Nunn as an Olympic Bronze Medalist in 1968 and the Men’s Olympic Rowing Coach in 1976.  The races and heats on Sunday included a 2,000 meter rowing race followed by six rounds of 20 box jumps and 10 wall-ball shots. The day was hot and around 95 F, but the heat didn’t slow the great athletes or their cheering sections. When the competition was over, six male athletes and six female competitors were chosen to make the trip to Aromas in July. The thing I found most interesting was that out of all the 500 + CrossFit Competing Athletes at the CrossFit Games Qualifier there was NOT ONE ATHLETE that asked for some last-minute rowing advice or technique before enduring a 6 – 8 minute 2,000 meter race on the rowing machine. Personally, if I was about to go into any competition and had a national team athlete in that discipline available to give technical coaching I would do anything to ask for the best advice before going into that race and or competition. There also seemed a lack of knowlege in nutrition among most of the Crossfit athletes at the event as I saw many of the competitors not drinking enough water and not eating well during the competition. The row was, for me and the spectators, the most exciting part of the qualifiers, hands-down… THE MOST EXCITING. I helped rolled 20 Concept 2 rowers into the competition arena and lined them all up in to one row. To have so many competitors in such a small space, all lined up in order, meant that the crowd could watch the field as a whole. It was kind of like a horse race – one clumped mass all moving fast and hard, straining to come in one meter ahead of the next guy over. The athletes’ tension was palpable, and the crowd fed off the perceived intimate competition. Athletes were squaring off, literally head to head, against each other and at the beginning of each heat, the competitors stepped up, strapped in, grabbed the handles… and then waited, tense and twitchy, like shirtless, sweaty thoroughbreds at the starting gate. Their coaches stood behind them, just as anxious, waiting for the signal to begin. And in that moment, the crowd was quiet. The men and women were turning in very slow times compared to even high school rowing Concept 2 2,000 meter standard test times. The women athletes were averaging around 8 min to finish 2,000 meters while most of the men were averaging around 7 min in a 2k race. High school women rowers average under 7 min and high school men rowers average well under 7 min on crew teams around the U.S. For myself, my fastest time is a 5:57 2k and I would still be able to function afterwards. The fact of the matter is that CrossFit proclaims they have the ‘fittest athletes on the planet’ however most of them are being beaten by high school athletes by nearly 1 minute on average. This is where technique comes into play and needs to be the cornerstone of a CrossFits athletes mentality. Power is wasted without proper technique. The horn would blow and the athletes would begin to pull. And it was clear, immediately, who could actually row. Because the event was more than six minutes long, it gave the crowd a chance to walk around, checking out each competitor. Technique flaws were readily apparent and pacing mistakes were easy to spot.

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Burn 1000 Calories With A Highly Intensity Interval Training Workout With Just A Jump Rope

The humble jump rope has been a fantastic method of metabolic (CV) conditioning working for hundreds of years. It can easily be incorporated into to any workout to help tone muscles all over body while improving coordination which you will benefit from across your subsequent exercises. Not to be ignored in anyone’s routine, jumping can burn up to around 1000 calories per hour. This makes it a great workout if you are looking to undertake highly intensity interval training to lose weight, as the cardio is performed at such an intense level that your body will spend the rest of the day expending energy to recover from the ass-kicking you gave it. Jump rope is one of the most efficient workouts possible and I believe that once you get proficient in your technique in the gym you can be the most diverse CV workouts. When looking at adding jumping into your routine consider using it at the start of your warm up or as the main focus of a conditioning session, this is a great group exercise and it can be done both inside and outside of the gym as it’s both portable and affordable. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a professional builder the rope can be taken on business trips, vacations and even to your gym. As soon as you hear the word jump rope you may quickly jump to the conclusion that it will be easy to master, however learning to jump correctly can take a little time however the key is to be patient and slow the movement down until you are comfortable with the fundamental mechanics. The next step is to start to increase the speed and keep as much weight on your toes as possible so you have a quick bouncy contact with the surface from which you do not need to jump too high. Remember that when getting started it’s vital that your jump rope should come up to your arm-pits when measured from the ground to guarantee it is the correct length to maximise the efficiency of your workout.

Here is a great 15 minute jump rope work out for any beginners want to get in to HIW :

 Find a clear space in your home or gym and ensure you are positioned on a suitable surface. Once you have done this ensure you have a stopwatch or you are located near a clock so you can regularly check the time. Then begin

– To warm up jump the rope for 3 minutes, try to find a comfortable speed that helps you fine-tune your technique

– Rest for 30 seconds

– Now jump the rope as quickly as possible for60 seconds

– Then rest again for 30 seconds

– Jump Rope as quickly as possible for 60 seconds

– Rest for 30 seconds

– Then repeat this alternating pattern for 15 minutes.

 When starting out remember that if you are finding the HIW work out to difficult you can increase and decrease the times of intense jumping. An example of this is if you are finding it too easy, increase the duration of your work out from 60 seconds to 90 seconds and/or shorten the rest periods to manipulate the intensity of the workout. Remember that the jump rope is a great starting place for beginners when looking to undertake a HIW, once you have mastered the jump rope try move on to more difficult gym equipment to help you get a varied and mixed workout. If you hate 60 minute’s runs then remember that jumping rope is a great alternative and it doesn’t require you to run around the block for miles or kill yourself on the treadmill. Give this interval style workout a try 2-3 times per week and your fitness will go through the roof while you shed that unwanted weight.

Make sure that along with any workout such as the Jump rope that nutrition plays a huge part in overall fitness goals! These days people are always looking for the easy way out and once things get tough they usually quit or move in another direction in life. An individual will not really get anywhere unless they become established and put the time in to get things done. If you keep changing things throughout your life with fitness and nutrition and not sticking to the program it will be very difficult to accomplish your goals. As we move 6 months into 2012 ask yourself how your new year’s resolutions are going if you have really stuck to them or not. It’s never too late to get the right nutrition and fitness plan started.

Contact me HERE for any questions about how to Jumprope AND ‘Jumpstart’ your nutrition and training plans! If you have any questions regarding personal training, one-on-one rowing help, or Ironman Triathlon Training you can reach me here and we can work on a training plan together.



Rowing/Ski-Erg Foundations And Speedwork Seminar Offered For CrossFit Games, Fitness Centers, And Others Held At Roworx

After being involved with the fitness industry for more than 10 years I realize there is a huge need for more intensive rowing technique among Crossfit members and other competitive athletes. Hundreds of Crossfit gyms across the nation use the Concept 2 Rowing Machine in order to improve strength, conditioning, and speed for better results in the Crossfit Games. The ‘White Board’ in every Crossfit gym is used to measure speedwork for shorter distances on the Concept 2 with the use of 500, 1,000 and 2,000 meter times. I want to open up my training, conditioning, and training secrets to the world of CrossFit’s and beyond in order for you to get faster times and results on the rowing machine. Nearly every year for the past 15 years I have raced the 2,000 meter standard distance indoor virtual rowing race on the Concept 2 rowing machine with times ranging from 5:57 to 6:08 on my slowest day. I will teach you how to maximize your rowing workouts in order to get the fastest times possible on the Concept 2 rowing machine!

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How To Retain Indoor Cycling Clients

Many fitness club owners think that simply getting new members is the most important aspect when it comes to marketing. However did you know that you can nearly double your income per member simply focusing on retaining the members you already have and encouraging them to invest in effective nutritional products or services that you sell?

Retaining your existing members instead of trying to obtain new members is very important when it comes to being a successful cycling program. I personally use a ‘Fitness & Nutrition’ approach when it comes to accomplishing a clients personal health goals. Protein powders and whole food based concentrated food supplements added alongside a fitness routine can get your members to see their overall fitness and health goals come true sooner! Exceptional customer service involves more than just employing a friendly staff. You must consistently meet and exceed your clients’ needs. Survey your members periodically to make sure you are succeeding, and then develop a customer satisfaction package based on their feedback. Contact me here on more advice on hoe to address individual fitness needs and goals in order to provide an initial fitness assessment and extensive orientation to each of your members. The orientation shouldn’t be just a walk around the gym and locker room, but rather a comprehensive equipment and technique demonstration. This will prevent injuries and encourage members to use unfamiliar equipment.

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The Dilemma Of Managing The Highs And Lows Of Fitness Training

Growing up with a father who was a two-time U.S. Olympian in Rowing (68′ Mexico City Olympic Bronze Medalist and 76′ Montreal Olympic Men’s Rowing Coach) was a very interesting experience. I thought it was normal routine workout and it made sense that my father would go out for a 3-hour workout and train 7 days a week. I didn’t really appreciate or even come close to understanding how truly hard and mentally tough it is to win an Olympic medal… let alone just to make the Olympic Team until I rowed and was recruited to row for UC Berkeley. All of a sudden I found myself the weakest and slowest rower on the team as we went on to win 3 National Championships and 4 PAC- 10 Championships in 4 years along with International rowers that were recruited from all over the world. It was my introduction to the next step of my rowing career as I rowed alongside recruited rowers from Sweden, Norway, Germany, England, Serbia, Australia, Canada, South Africa, and Croatia . I remember days where I would barely be awake during practice in the early mornings as I did not have enough time to recover in between practices. Our coaches made us do fitness tests every week to see how fast we could row 10,000 meters on the Concept 2 Rowing Machine. One year we accumulated 15 tests every week of 10,000 meters and about 10 fitness tests of 6,000 meters! My overall best Concept 2 times were 33 min 20 seconds for 10,000 meters (1:40 split avg) and a national team qualifying time of 19 min 2o seconds for the 6,000 meter test (1:36 split avg).

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‘Hard’ vs ‘Easy’ Instructors And Group Fitness Classes At Roworx

Two years ago when I created Roworx in Long Beach it was my dream to offer a complete low impact high-calorie burn workout for everyone to enjoy no matter what experience an individual had in athletics. Recently I have had many new calls and emails regarding how ‘easy’ or ‘hard’ certain Roworx Classes were and what kinds of classes I thought would be best for people just starting out their new workout routine. Throughout my 20 years of experience as an athlete and rower I have found that nearly half of the general public I come in contact with and talk about my sport think that rowing is relatively ‘easy’ and discuss the perception that rowing is a total upper body workout. However, in reality, the power behind the rowing stroke is driven through your legs (about %80) and then the rest throughout the entire body. Rowing is actually one of the hardest, if not the hardest cardiovascular demanding sport that you can do on the planet. For instance, the standard Olympic distance for a rowing race is 2,000 meters (just over a mile). The standard U.S. Men’s Heavyweight Olympic Team time for rowing a 2,000 meter piece on the Concept 2 rowing machine is around 5 min :55 seconds (1:28 500 split avg or around 500 watts)! Out of all the Roworx Classes we have to offer such as Rowing, Bootcamp, Zumba, Evo Indoor Cycling, TRX Suspension Training, Pilates Arc Ab Exercises and the Ski Erg Training along with any other activity that you choose to do is as hard as you want to make it. es,Since you are the one that is participating in the activity it is also up to yourself to push as hard as you want. I always tell everyone in class at Roworx that if you can hold your body-weight in watts on the Concept 2 monitor then that is a great goal. Once you have hit your body-weight in watts you can then try and double your body-weight and so on.

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Top 10 Mistakes With Indoor Cycling Technique

I came across an article in the L.A. Times recently that covered a cycling studio that uses weights while on the Indoor bike. I began to wonder how far we will go with indoor cycling to make it so different and unique that it suddenly becomes unsafe and dangerous. Indoor cycling is an amazing cardiovascular workout and is extremely popular among all fitness classes offered around the world. However, as with all group fitness classes, there is concern that instructors try new and ‘exciting’ ways to do certain exercises on the indoor bike and some of these moves can cause injury. Along with Jillian Michael’s on The Biggest Loser as well as doing certain cycling techniques more often than not less is more when it comes to new ways to try and re-invent certain indoor cycling techniques. Many instructors use moves that may be dangerous in the name of creativity. Indoor cycling can be very safe, but make sure you are aware of the following top 10 mistakes that instructors make while teaching class or while using your indoor bike at home. Overall when it comes to designing and planning an indoor cycling workout: Less Is More! Focus on the beats of the music and try to keep it a simple cycling routine so that everyone in class can follow no matter what level you are. 🙂 Check out our classes at Roworx for more information about cycling classes!
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