The Power Of Group Exercise And Working Out Together

Roworx Indoor Rowing classes are in full ‘swing’ in Long Beach, CA at 5750 Boathouse Lane. Recently, there have been more and more members displaying huge success stories with weight loss, better nutrition habits, higher energy levels, and muscle endurance and tone.

Most of the membersjack 2 at Roworx in Long Beach are seeing these results in less than two months of participation since beginning the group classes! Nearly half of the Roworx members attend these group indoor rowing classes an average of three to four times per week at the Boathouse location. The power of group exercise was how Jack Nunn, Owner of Roworx, got started in the field of group instruction. Jack was burned out by long hours and training alone most of the time while trying endlessly to make the US National Rowing Team year after year. After a couple years of disappointing finishes and losing by .034 seconds to make the 2003 World Championships, Jack needed motivation to keep moving forward and stay in shape. Jack’s father John Nunn always conveyed the notion that ‘anyone can work out on a good day, it’s the bad days that get you and wear you down and make you want to stay in bed.’ However, with group training and instruction you are held accountable while working out with friends that drive your motivation, give you a variety and make it fun while learning better technique in any activity you do.

In addition to these amazing accomplishments in the fitness and nutrition fields, joining a group exercise class such as Roworx and or bootcamps also add many other benefits to your workout experience:


Marine Stadium is the perfect place to hold our exercise classes. During the workouts you can look out over the bay, walk by the shore/bay, check out the marina, watch the speed boats, and water skiers jet by with gusto and get some sunshine with amazing sunsets to end the day. There’s also a sandy beach which people lay out at over on the other side of the stadium. Marine Stadium was recently designated as an official state historic site. The stadium was the site for the 1932 Olympic Rowing competition and the 1968 Olympic rowing trials.



At ROWORX we only hire the best! Growing up in the shadow of my father, John Nunn (Bronze Medalist in Men’s Rowing 68′ and Olympic Men’s Rowing Coach 76′), I have always had the respect of rowing and what it can offer physically if your technique is good. Just like any sport technique plays a massive role in the performance of our sport. Power is nothing without solid technical rowing skills. We currently have 5 National Rowing and Olympic Team members from the past and present teaching our classes.

Jack Nunn (Owner of Roworx), National Rowing Team 01′-05′

home2John Nunn, (Father Of Jack Nunn) Olympian Rower Bronze Medalist 68′ And Olympic Rowing Coach 76′






With a variety of formats offered each week at ROWORX Indoor Rowing, Bootcamp, and Yoga classes there is no excuse to miss a workout. ROWORX Indoor Rowing, Bootcamp, and Yoga classes are offered over 80 times each month.


Studies have shown that people are more likely to reach their fitness goals when working out with a partner1. Group exercise classes offer participants a chance to connect with others in the community who share the same interests – making exercise a more social, engaging and fun experience.

  • Groundwork—Emphasize longer, steadier work. The goal is to develop a good base of general cardio conditioning and adjust your muscles to the specific motions of your sport. Include plenty of stretching, flexibility, and strengthening exercises.
  • Training—Tailor your workouts for the distance and intensity of your upcoming events. You will need to train a bit at your race pace to develop a sense of pace for your competition. Include shorter, harder work to increase your intensity level, and longer, easier work to improve endurance.
  • Active—Keep sharp and rested during this phase, and recover between events. Increase your workload if your events are fewer and further apart.
  • Recovery—This phase is about variety, fun and

muscle v fat 129MOTIVATION

Our Group Indoor Rowing classes at Roworx are exhilarating, inspiring, and fun. Participating alongside others can create a sense of camaraderie and help participants stick to their workout routines, all while being able to challenge themselves, and reach success. Rowing is a great complement to training for other sports.



rowing pic 6VARIETY

There is a wide variety of effective, unique, and engaging classes that are all designed to help you stay energized, motivated, and focused on reaching your fitness goals. Our Roworx Fitness Center In Long Beach offers more than just another group class fitness expereince. You will leave class wanting to brag to all your friends that you were training with Olympic Legends in Long Beach! Our indoor rowing format will help you keep your workout routine fresh and challenging while overlooking the beautiful views of Marine Stadium in Long Beach, CA.


Working out in a class with an instructor can help participants learn proper exercise technique. The rowing stroke can be divided into two parts: The drive and the recovery. You will learn a coordinated movement pattern throughout all the indoor rowing workouts at Roworx. These technical skills are built upon the following positions and phases of the rowing stroke and help make you a more efficient and powerful workout in order to burn more calories per stroke!

Powerhouse olympic logo flyerLAST BUT NOT LEAST…HAVING FUN!!!

ROWORX aims to provide a convenient, engaging, and effective workout experience for members of all fitness levels. Roworx believes in providing experienced, energetic, knowledgeable instructors. We believe you will see results sooner and prevent injury by maintaining efficient, safe technique. We believe that if you are having fun and engaging your mind as well as your body, you will be more consistent with your exercise plan and you will get fitter sooner. We believe there are no better exercises than the low-impact, calorie-burning, workouts with indoor rowing classes! To learn more about these classes offered visit where you can look up the class schedules and download a free pass.

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Jack Nunn

Jack Nunn is the head trainer and owner of Roworx. Jack is a former national team rower who has competed in more than 100 triathlons, including 9 full Ironmans. He has created a system of rowing that prepares the whole body for both competition and fitness longevity.

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